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Holiday Exchange Fest 2016 Masterlist!

Thank you all for taking part on our fifth Holiday Exchange Fest. Every time we do this fest I'm in awed of all the positive response. This year, as the years before we have many great stories and beautiful pieces of art. A massive thanks to all the writers, artist, lookers, readers and commentators for being part of this community. Our motto is -you are all the heart and soul of the community. We couldn't express how thankful, privileged and grateful to each and everyone of you we are. I honestly couldn't imagine how amazing this community would have become when it was created. Five years in and I’m honestly still in awed.

Here to another successful year!!

This community runs the way it does because I relied on my wonderful co-mods. Special thanks to our Wednesday mod, itsanonyx, who do our masterlist, to our Friday mod,digthewriter, who do all the signs up, as well as our AO3 things. They keep things in function when I am not around.

There’re many things that we want to accomplish with the community in the upcoming year.We are always looking for things that interests you and that are fun/challenging to do.

Also, there’s an AO3 Holiday Exchange Fest 2016 Collection if you wish to post your work on AO3.

The masterlist for this year Holiday Exchange Fest is below, don’t forget to read and comment on the wonderful entries.

Let Not Winter Shroud the Heart by archaeologist_d for dk323 |Merlin/Arthur |PG-13|
Summary:Trapped in a winter storm, Merlin has nightmares about Arthur's reaction to his magic. Can they ever reconcile or will Arthur hunt him down and finish what he'd begun?

Best Christmas Ever! by bunnysworld for camelot_drabble |Merlin/Arthur |PG|
Summary:Uther waits for the boys to come and spend Christmas with him. He doesn’t know that he’s in for a surprise.

With Surgical Precision by stay_magical for digthewriter |Merlin/Arthur |R|
Summary:In Camelot Hospital, secrets also need to be handled with surgical precision. Arthur finds it hard even though he should be used to it by now.

On the Importance of Hot Beverages (And Other Methods of Keeping Warm) by alx_diamond for bererjs |Merlin/Arthur |PG-13|
Summary:Merlin’s first winter in Camelot caught him by surprise. Between Gaius, the dragon, and Arthur (mostly Arthur), he’d been running himself so ragged that he just assumed that the increasing cold was yet another symptom of his constant exhaustion. Then one morning he dragged himself out the doors to clean the stable on Arthur’s orders and found the courtyard covered in snow.

Mordred Pls by dylogger for amarie_authiel |Merlin, Mordred |G|
Summary:Single dad Merlin tries to get a family photo with his son, Mordred.

As in Days of Yule by osky291 for little_huntress |Merlin/Arthur |G|
Summary:A look at Merlin’s life through his prayers every year during Yuletide.

Promo Banners & Icons for Camelot Drabble! by ella_rose for camelot_drabble |Gen|

Intensified By Absence by digthewriter for dylogger |Merlin/Arthur, Gwaine/Percival |PG-13|
Summary:After his break up, Merlin is spending Christmas weekend in a cabin with his friends. He's less upset about the break up and more upset about his stupid crush on Arthur that still hasn't gone away.

Starting Over. Again by brunettepet for schweet_heart |Merlin/Arthur, Leon/Morgana |PG|
Summary:Pendragon Corporation has bought Gaius’s coffee shops. Merlin’s left hanging.

Gingerbread Men are Difficult to Make by narlth for p3rfectlyn0rmal |Merlin/Arthur |G|
Summary:A bit of Christmas baking, nothing can go wrong, right?

Feels Like Death But Sounds Like Love by jungle_ride for eurydice72 |Merlin/Morgana |PG-13|
Summary:AU bodyguard. Getting shot is an occupational hazard for Morgana; she’s grown used to it over the years. But this time the bullet is cursed with ancient magic, meant for her client Merlin and now Morgana finds herself bleeding out wishing there wasn’t so much left unsaid between them.

Lazy Sunday by p3rfectlyn0rmal for alx_diamond |Merlin/Arthur |G|
Summary:Arthur learns that sleepy dragon cuddles are the best kind of cuddles

The Hat of Never Getting Laid by schweet_heart for archaeologist_d |Merlin/Arthur |M|
Summary:Merlin and Arthur are in a relationship. Or rather, they had a drunken one-night stand and are now in the Not Talking About It phase of their relationship. Whatever. The point is, now Arthur has a new servant and he’s wearing Merlin’s hat. Merlin is not amused.

Noble Purr by fractionallyfox for brunettepet |Merlin/Arthur |G|
Summary:Morgana gets Arthur a cat for Christmas. Because nothing brings people together like bickering over cat toys.

An Elf in Wonderland by eurydice72 for bunnysworld |Arthur/Percival |PG-13|
Summary: Modern AU. When Arthur starts his Christmas shopping, the last thing he expects to find at the market is a wondrous world and the more wondrous man who helped create it.

Ballroom Blitz by amarie_authiel for aeris444 |Merlin/Gwaine|PG-13|
Summary:Gwaine's modelling career isn't what it once was. He reluctantly lets his manager sign him up for the popular TV reality show 'The Ballroom Blitz'

Snow Day by alafaye for osky291 |Arthur, Merlin |G|
Summary:After Arthur's quest, Arthur offers Merlin a favor to say thank you. Merlin calls in his favor on the first snow day.

The Cursed Gift by dk323 for narlth |Merlin/Arthur |PG-13|
Summary: (Takes place before 5x11 – The Drawing of the Dark) Following the magic reveal, Merlin has to deal with Gaius retiring and a stranger coming in to take his place. Besides that, Merlin is uneasy about fully confiding in Arthur about all that he’d done with his magic.
Amidst all this, the last thing Merlin ever expected was the life-altering parting gift that the new court physician leaves.

I'll Keep You Warm in Wintertime by little_huntress for fractionallyfox |Leon/Gwaine |PG|
Summary:Christmas is Leon's favorite holiday. Gwaine makes it more special

Art for 'The Silent Truth' by bererjs for stay_magical |Mern, Arthur/Gwen |G|

The Day I Meet You by bererjs for jungle_ride |Balinor/Hunith |PG-13|
Summary:Balinor wants to invite Hunith to the dance, but sometimes things don't go according to plan.

Five time Arthur broke Merlin’s heart and one time he mended it by aeris444 for alafaye |Merlin/Arthur |PG|
Summary:Five time Arthur broke Merlin’s heart and one time he mended it.

Rare by winchestersfan for ella_rose88 |Arthur/Gwen |PG|
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