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Teasing for Tomorrow II

Title:Teasing for Tomorrow II
Rating:anything higher than NC-17
Character/s:Merlin, Arthur
Summary:After his advances and teasing go unnoticed for months Merlin desided to turn up the heat
Warnings:explicit sex,a little rimming and finger fucking, romance and a bottle of olive oil
Word Count:982
Prompt: #13 Time
Author's Notes: for those of you who love Merlin’s neck. Teasing for Tomorrow Mistakes are mine.

The council meeting went longer than anticipated so with a headache, Arthur decided to take a small dinner in his chambers, then go to sleep.
Merlin had been trying for months to get Arthur to see him as more than just his Court Sorcerer and manservant to no avail. Well, Merlin thought “it’s time to turn up the heat on the royal prat”
Before knocking on the big wooden door Merlin set the tray down, he ran fingers through his hair and took the handkerchief from around his neck, then taking a vile from his pocket, dabbed some vanilla oil on his neck, putting his handkerchief and the vile back in his pocket Merlin knocked.

When there was no answer Merlin opened the door. Arthur was leaning back in the chair feet on the table, with his eyes closed. Merlin’s breath caught for a second as he followed the line of Arthur’s body, stopping at the slight bulge in his breeches. Merlin swallowed, then he walked quietly into the room, Setting the tray down softly he stepped back “Your dinner Sire,” he yelled.
Arthur jumped and the chair fell backwards and he landed on the floor. Merlin ran to him and offered him his hand. Arthur looked up and froze. His eyes focused on Merlin’s neck. Oh how he longed to lick, kiss and mark that pale skin, and he wet his dry lips and he moved back from Merlin, almost as if he was afraid of him. Arthur knew if he touched Merlin now, it would be all over, and the control that he had barely managed to exert all these months would be for nothing. Refusing Merlin’s hand he got up.

“Merlin! You should have knocked.”

“I did Sire, there was no answer,”

Arthur was having trouble hearing the words, he was too fixated on those lips, how they moved and how they would feel wrapped around his cock, His breeches were becoming tighter. Merlin was saying something; was that vanilla he smelled? It was coming from Merlin. Just how strong and valiant was he suppose to be? This was sweet torture. Well, the time for doing the right thing, the thing that Camelot expected him to do had passed.

Merlin’s lips were moving again. He never did know when to shut up. Well Arthur could fix that and he quickly closed the distance between then and grabbed Merlin.. Lips collided, tongues danced. They couldn’t kiss deeply enough, as they fought for breath. Hands and fingers were ripping, tearing, grabbing and reaching

“Arthur” Merlin breathed and that one word his name caused any reservations to melt away and he tore at Merlin’s breeches

“Are you sure,” Arthur breathed

“Yes Sire.”

Arthur freed his aching cock and effortlessly lifted Merlin up onto the table
Arthur kissed, licked and sucked on Merlin’s neck bringing a panting whimper forth from Merlin. Arthur’s mouth and hands blazed a trail of fire down Merlin’s body stopping at his leaking cock. When he bent down lo lick te pre-come Merlin arched up.

“Not yet my Sweet Sorcerer”

Arthur licked Merlin’s puckered hole and that’s when most of the food went flying off the tray, with the dishes shattering on the floor. Merlin was incoherent as Arthur pushed forth with his tongue into his tight heat.

“I-I won’t I can’t last much longer Arthur” Arthur moved his way back up Merlin’s body stopping to lick and suck Merlin’s nipples.

“Sire, Arthur.”

“Merlin. I need to get something,” Arthur said his voice heavy with lust. It was then that he noticed that the salad and the olive oil had survived Arthur’s attack on Merlin’s virgin hole. Arthur picked up the olive oil and pouring some of it into his palm stroked his own length. Then coating his fingers he pushed one inside Merlin.

“Please, Arthur Yes.”


“Yes oh yes!”

Arthur pushed another finger inside Merlin and began scissoring them before joining them with a third finger, that was when the salad and the tray wound up on the floor.

Arthur began moving his fingers in and out of Merlin who was whimpering now and calling Arthur’s name.

When Arthur inserted a forth finger Merlin almost came up off the table but Arthur’s hand on his chest as he played with his nipples stilled him.

Arthur set to finger-fucking Merlin until he was loosened up, then pulling out his fingers Arthur slowly pushed the head of his cock into Merlin’s tight heat.

“Look at Merlin and don’t drop your eyes from mine. Arthur held his breath as the ring of muscles hugged and pulled Arthur’s cock in deeper and he watched Merlin’s face. “You’re doing beautiful Love.

Once inside Merlin, Arthur waited for him to begin moving then he started slowly thrusting in and out. Merlin cried out and Arthur knew he had hit his mark and he wrapped his hand around Merlin’s cock and began stroking it. Merlin’s boot clad legs encircled Arthur’s lower back pushing him deeper into him while his arms went around his neck.

“Ar-Arthur, Sire,“ Merlin panted as he felt his balls draw up. Arthur watched Merlin’s blue pools bleed the gold and the air around them became a living thing. Merlin’s magic slammed into Arthur as their release built and overflowed, the magic washing over them both. Taking them, claiming them. All Arthur could do was hold on for the ride as he thrust into Merlin almost uncontrollably. Merlin’s cock jerked violently in Arthur’s hand. Their screams echoed through the castle. Then as quickly as the magic flared, it waned, leaving both Arthur and Merlin exhausted. Arthur slipped out of Merlin and sank to the floor pulling Merlin down with him. As wave after wave of aftershocks racked their bodies they held each other on the floor and there they stayed until morning in each other’s arms.
Tags: *c:hogwartsvixxxen, c:arthur, c:merlin, p:arthur/merlin, pt 013:time, rating:nc-17, type:drabble

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