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Time for Gym Class

Author: vampiric_zombie
Title: Time for Gym Class
Rating: R
Character/s: Merlin, Gwaine, Arthur
Warnings: Profanities, Un-beta'd
Word Count: 625
Prompt: #13 Time
Author's Notes: So I had some ideas but for some reason I couldn't get them on the screen. This is what came out after I stared at a blank page and blinking cursor for half an hour.

“I fucking hate dodgeball!!” Merlin exclaimed as he was doing up his trainers. Gwaine laughed, running his hands through that gorgeous hair of his and giving Merlin that breath taking smile.
“Its kewl, jus stay behind me like usual and you won’t be out within the first five seconds.”
“Oh, you mean like all those times before when you ditched and left me alone to get battered and bruised, least I know how many of class don't like you being near the ball. The only one that even attempts to knock you out of this stupid, pointless, ridiculous and frankly bullies game, is that fucking clodpole Pendragon.”
“Haha, yea, only one that's on that team with any balls at all! And well, count yourself lucky, he is in love with you after all.” Gwaine drifted into one of his daydreams of getting Arthur alone. Everyone knew Arthurs orientation, but Gwaine, he had to keep his between himself and Merlin or he wouldn't be able to show his face again, and definately not after the way he treated Arthur’s sister, Morgana, unless he wanted to end up in hospital that was.

On the court, Merlin hid behind Gwaine and Arthur gave a girly wave and a wink to Merlin, which only terrified the shit out of him. He was doomed. Arthur would just keep going for Gwaine to get to him once he had a ball. That was basically most of every game. Gwaine turned to Merlin with a glint in his eye,
“Don’t worry, I watched the Matrix last me my neo on!”
Merlin gulped, “Thats just great, now i know I’m totally screwed, you think your Keanu Reeves in a damn fan-fucking-tastic!!!”
“Chill, it’s fine. Stop doubting my Neo or I’ll let you get hit with Arthur’s full strenght throw!”

**Whistle blows**

Gwaine moved his hair from his face, and Arthur had the ball. There was always an evil look in his eye like his sole mission was to get the ball through Gwaine and knock Merlin out. Though he denied it many times to his friends, Arthur was seriously hot for Merlin, only he couldn't come out and say it, accept for one night in the parking lot after school, he told Merlin during a fight not realising Gwaine was within hearing range but he couldn’t he do anything about it but try give himself a reason to talk to him. Dodgeball was the perfect reason, throw the ball too hard, knock him flying to his arse and run over to make sure he’s alright. And, right now, Gwaine was spoiling that plan for him, least in his head, he didn't know how much Merlin despised dodgeball.

Merlin eyed the heap on the ground in shock, “Neo, yea rig...” and he was on the ground gasping for breath. Gwaine was right about one thing, he did get the full strenght throw from Arthur. He tried to sit up, but had whacked his head hard on the basketball court and felt dizzy when he moved. He lay there on his back with his eyes closed for a while. When he opened them, there was a God standing over him, anxiously asking him if was O.K, if he could move, and if he needed help getting up. Merlin needed to think about these questions, and while he did, his eyes became clearer and he noticed this God was Arthur. He heard an impatient cough come from the glorious mouth and realised he had lost all concept of time. He thought he might be concussed so instead of taking Arthur’s hand like he was longing to, he jus shook his head and continued to lay there.
Tags: *c:vampiric_zombie, c:arthur, c:gwaine, c:merlin, pt 013:time, rating:r, type:drabble

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