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Little Beasts

Author: little_huntress
Title: Little Beasts (4)
Rating: R
Pairing/s: Arthur/Merlin
Character/s: Arthur, Morgana, Lancelot, Gwaine
Summary: They need a plan to stop Cenred.
Warnings: organized crime
Word Count: 658
Prompt: #256: What’d I Miss?
Author's Notes: Previous parts: One | Two | Three

“The dragon,” Morgana repeats, “I might have heard something, rumors. Tell me more.”

Arthur can see she’s intrigued, Gwaine is only too happy to fill in the blanks for her. His voice acquires a theatrical quality as he narrates a story of loss and revenge. Morgana listens intently, humming in certain places where Gwaine stops to take a breath building up the suspense.

“Interesting,” Morgana declares by the end. Gwaine grins.

“Is any of that true?” Arthur asks, he was expecting more than a vague story about someone who everyone’s heard of but never seen.

“Half of it as far as I know,” Lancelot provides. If there is someone he trusts besides Morgana is Lancelot. They used to be best mates, it has to count. “He was a foot soldier for the Essetir families, one of the best, even Cenred trusted him, but somehow he managed to get out without repercussions.”

“And no one has gone after him?” Morgana questions with a hint of awe on her voice. It’s hard to believe you can cut ties with one of the families and live long enough for your name to become something of a myth.

“Of course they have. But he’s very skilled,” Gwaine answers in a voice that says he knows a thing or two about said skills.

“Word on the streets is that he’s capable of the unimaginable,” Leon pipes up, shrugs. “Last month Nemeth’s territory was compromised, a bomb in one of their warehouses. Mithian lost some of her closest men that night.”

Morgana nods. “I remember, father asked me to take care of it. She came to me, but we couldn't help her much.”

“No, we couldn’t, neither her soldiers or us could found the culprit. It wasn't until she enlisted the Dragon that two men were found before they could get another warehouse. They were Cenred’s men. In less than three days he caught them.”

Morgana laughs in delight. “We need him. And I need to call Mithian, together we can sort something out.”

Arthur doesn't share the enthusiasm the others have. “Hold on, while this idea sounds good in theory, and I agree on meeting Mithian, do any of you know where to find him?”

Leon falls silent, Morgana next to him sighs, but Lancelot and Gwaine once again share a look. Speaking in silence. Contemplating. Deciding in the name of every soul in the room.

“We do,” Gwaine says at length.

“How?” Arthur asks wanting to be in on it. There are too many secrets surrounding him, coming to surface one by one and Arthr for once would like to be something other than blind. He’s here and he can’t keep running. Even if a stupid war is what they have ahead.

“He saved my life,” Lancelot says, solemn, with a seriousness Arthur can’t remember from the nights in their adolescence when they stole expensive bottles of alcohol from his father’s private and get pissed. This is another Lance, mature, more quiet, yet still fiercely loyal. They’ve all changed one way or another.

“And mine,” Gwaine adds, this time not a quip or pun makes it out of his mouth. His solemnity rivals Lancelot’s.

Arthur takes a breath, and this, right here is the moment he has to make a decision. The moment he opens Pandora’s box. “Find him. Tell him the Pendragon Family requires his services.” His heart beats painfully in his chest long after he's spoken and only Morgana and he remain in the room. He can’t breath, something like a sob is lodged in his throat but it won’t come out. This isn't who he was supposed to be.

He gasps and soon Morgana is there to catch him in her arms, soothing him, rubbing circles on his back. “Oh, Arthur,” she whispers.

“I can’t believe I came back to this,” he murmurs.

“I know, I know.”

He holds onto her, the pressure on his chest too real.

Tags: *c:dreammaidenn, c:arthur, c:morgana, p:arthur/merlin, pt 256:ham4cam-whatd i miss, rating:r, type:drabble

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