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Hold the Family Rooster

Author: min7girl
Title: Hold the Family Rooster
Pairing/s: Arthur/Merlin
Character/s:Arthur, Merlin
Summary:Arthur is a prat, but there is a strange boy on his street doing strange things and he is having none of it.
Word Count: ~750
Author's Notes: sequel to Meet the Family Rooster.

Arthur saw his reflection in the window. The summer light of morning hit his eyes just so and there was nothing to be done for it. Leon would bring the car around and take him to his fencing lessons in a few minutes. Then he would go to his Latin tutor's house, because, according to his father, every 7 year old was supposed to know Latin. And his father had proven to be right about a great many things, even though none of the other kids in his school knew what abire or dicedo meant.

It was during this set of ponderings that Arthur's reflection was interrupted by that idiot boy walking down the street. The one that always seemed to stop in front of his house on the way to school and squawk at the trees as if he was communing with the birds in some form of distressed Chicken language.

Arthur jumped to his feet and ran for the door. The raven haired boy was wearing ridiculous clothes again that didn't match. They were frayed with age and over use, and yet he also wore those sunglasses worth £500.  Arthur asked Leon about the purchase price of his pair last week.

"What are you doing?" Arthur demanded with his hands on his hips. He could handle this insane hooligan once and for all.

"I'm talking to my friends. What are you doing?" The strange boy paused as if it was ok to strike up a common conversation with Arthur. Other kids knew better than to do such things. He was a Pendragon. Pendragons were not questioned or talked to by just anybody.

"You are screaming like a chicken at trees in front of my house. It is not acceptable. Abire." Arthur waved a dismissive hand at the boy as if the matter should now be resolved. And since Arthur was a Pendragon he knew that it some how was.

Except that it wasn't.

"Why should I go away? What harm is it for me to talk to my friends? I don't see how you own the walkways your royal prattiness. And I would like it if you would not interrupt my conversations every morning by yelling at me through your window!"

The boy didn't leave as Arthur's hand gesture clearly instructed him to do. And he yelled at Arthur! Worse yet, the boy understood Latin! 

Arthur needed to know who he was but more importantly, "Don't you know who I am?"

"An annoying Prat that can't keep from yelling at people from his window?"

Arthur scoffed. What impertinence this one had. Impertinence was the right word too because his father used it a lot when talking about his assistant Gwaine.

There really was only one thing to do with the impertinent. Father said they needed to be shown their place as soon as possible or 'they would walk all over you'. 

Arthur leaned back and with narrowed eyes looked for the perfect opportunity to strike. He was defending his home from a crazy boy. It had to be done. 

Moments later the boy squirmed in a secure head lock. Arthur did everything in his power to keep him steady though and supplied several finger knuckles to the mess of black hair under his arm. He had seen larger boys at school apply this technique with moderate success. It left little bruising and less hurt feelings, but established clear dominance.

Then the flailing stopped and Arthur looked down to see angry blue eyes, really big bluest of blue angry eyes that he never noticed before. And then he remembered why he never noticed them. The expensive sunglasses were now at his feet. A lens was most likely scratched in the scuffle. Arthur released the boy and bowed to pick up the frames for him only to have the boy swoop in and get them first.

"Don't touch them!" The boy shouted, eyes briefly reflecting golden from summer sun.

Thankfully Leon showed up at this time with the car. Arthur didn't mean to do damage to the boy's property.  Maybe he even needed the special glasses for some medical condition. There were obviously enough problems with him to be acting like a chicken. It wouldn't be any wonder something else wasn't right with him.

Arthur bowed his head slightly but gave nothing of his dignity away before saying. "Maeste me paenite."

The boy glared back, putting on his glasses and covering up his perfectly blue eyes. "Adrogans regnum."


Rough Latin translations I know nothing is use properly, but I'm trying to make them still a little like kids.:
abire/dicedo = Go Away
Maeste me paenite = Sorrowfully sorry or deeply apologize.
Adrogans regnum = Arrogant royalty (or in Merlin's meaning... stuck up git!)

Tags: *c:min7girl, p:arthur/merlin, pt 014:reflection, rating:g, type:drabble

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