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Written in the Moon, part 6

Author: Katie pelydryn77
Title: Written in the Moon, part 6
Rating: NC-17
Pairing/s: Merlin/Arthur
Character/s: Merlin, Arthur
Summary: Merlin wants a promotion
Word Count: 1000
Prompt: Promotion
Author's Notes: This is the sixth part of Written in the Moon, originally published under my old username. (If you want to know why I changed, feel free to friend me.) You can find the first parts of the story here. The story was written for Kitty, who deserves smut. Counting last week's installment, this is my second attempt at writing fluffy smut. It was still hard to do! (I'm posting this in a rush. Hopefully I've done it correctly.)

Arthur’s arms were full of naked, trembling, sweaty Merlin. Dark hair brushed against his face, soft curly strands that Arthur longed to touch. His hands were busy, so he nuzzled his cheek into that lovely hair. He couldn't remember a time in his life where he had been so ecstatic.

Merlin was still mostly unresponsive, shuddering with the last echoes of orgasm. Arthur held him tightly and marveled at this turn of events. Despite the incessant call of his heart, he had long since given up on the possibility of ever being with Merlin. And that it was his own father, who was supposed to love him, that had tried to deny this happiness… that was a hard fact to deal with.

The direction of his thoughts increased his tension, causing him to squeeze Merlin too fiercely. It pulled Merlin out of his daze, and the weight in his arms lessened considerably as Merlin placed his feet firmly on the floor. Arthur’s hands were freed to stroke all that exposed skin.

Merlin groaned, then shoved himself backwards till he was completely pressed against Arthur. He ground his arse into Arthur, wiggling his bum like the little minx he was. Arthur's erection, which had flagged at the thoughts of his father, hardened immediately.

“Good God! Merlin!” The wiggling continued, and Arthur took a step back, lest he sully his trousers. But Merlin merely stepped back with him, till Arthur ran into the back wall of the tiny closet.

“Merlin!” he said again, gasping.

“Yes, my Lord?” The words oozed off his tongue like a filthy promise.

And fuck, if that didn't do things to him. Merlin never showed respect, the little imp, and to do so now…

Arthur groaned, so aroused he could no longer speak.

“Why, whatever is it, my Lord? Is there something you'd like me to do for you?”

Good God. The mouth on this insolent whelp. Arthur was trying to think of a coherent response when the body in his arms squirmed free. Merlin took several steps away from him, revealing that his pale back was covered with indentations from Arthur's medals. That had to have hurt, but Arthur relished the idea of marking him, even if it was only temporary. He didn't have long to admire it though, because Merlin turned to face him. With a wink, he dropped to his knees and gazed up through his thick, dark lashes. Merlin, stark naked, on his knees for Arthur… Arthur struggled not to climax just from that sight.

“Remember when we first met, Your Highness? Remember what you asked me?”

Oh, how Arthur remembered. That day in the courtyard, when Arthur had escaped his tutors long enough to mingle with the crowds of tourists. The scrawny boy with the over-large ears who challenged him for being rude, not knowing him to be the prince. And that obnoxious question that had burst out of Arthur's mouth…

“Do you want to know the real answer, my Prince? The real answer is that I do know how to walk on my knees.”

Merlin winked again, then shuffled forwards on his knees till he reached Arthur's trousers. He undid the fastenings lightning quick. Before Arthur could register what was happening, a warm wet heat had enveloped his straining cock. There was immediate suction. Merlin grabbed the base of Arthur's shaft with his hand, and then both mouth and hand pulled together, up, down, up, down…

If Arthur had thought himself ecstatic before, it was nothing compared to how he felt now. His arousal had grown to the point that he wasn't sure how a single body could contain it. It was painful, it was glorious, and if only he could have just a little… bit… more…

His orgasm, when it came, was thrilling: perfect bliss, followed by great relief. and tremendous disappointment. Relief, because he hadn't thought he could survive much more. Disappointment, because it was over. He could not freeze time and make it last.

Merlin swallowed everything, then stood up and threw his arms around him, clinging for dear life. Arthur squeezed back just as firmly, as though a sudden storm might come up and try to rip them apart.

When Merlin pulled away, his pale skin was again covered with red marks where the medals had pressed in. Arthur's cock twitched at the sight, despite the fact that it had so recently spent. There was a pout on Merlin's full, gorgeous lips.

“How is it that I'm completely naked and you're still almost fully clothed?”

“Wait—you're blaming me for that? Who was the one that had no patience? You didn't even give me a chance!”

Merlin gazed at him, a hungry expression on his face. “Well, there's no time like the present!”

“You’re insatiable, aren't you? Am I going to get any rest in the next sixty years?” And God, wasn't that a thing of beauty to say?

Merlin put his hand to his chin in a contrived expression of thought. “Nope!” He laughed, and it was an ecstatic, glorious sound. “Not that you would want rest anyway. You adore long, hard work.”

Arthur couldn't just let that go. He lunged to tickle the so-soft skin of Merlin's abdomen and then kiss him senseless, but Merlin was too quick and darted away.

“Ah, ah, ah! If I'm going to be on call for that kind of work for the next sixty years, I deserve a promotion!”

Arthur managed to grab Merlin and reel him in. “There's currently a brand new opening for Prince Consort. Would that suffice?”

Merlin stopped struggling, but when he spoke, he sounded dubious. “I don't know… Is the benefits package any good?”

Arthur pulled their foreheads together. “The best.”

“Well, in that case… If there's no one else for the job…”

Arthur groaned. “Shut up, Merlin.”

“I'd make you sign a contract, but since your name is already on my arse…”

Arthur quickly shut that insolent mouth up with a kiss.
Tags: p:arthur/merlin, pt 264:promotion, rating:nc-17, type:drabble

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