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What Arthur Wants

Author: digthewriter
Title: What Arthur Wants
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/s: Merlin/Arthur
Character/s: Arthur, Gwen
Summary: Arthur is answering his calls.
Warnings: Angst. Modern!AU
Word Count: 385
Prompt: "Argument" for camelot_drabble
Author's Notes: Part 20 of the "divorce!fic" Unbetaed

Catch up: 1. All too familiar 2. Leaving the past in the past 3. That Familiar Feeling 4. We laugh and we cry (And we break) 5. Busy was always better. 6. The need to stop the hurt 7. Despite our estrangement 8. And you would smile, and that would be enough 9. We Have To Win 10. The Calm Before The Storm 11. A Glimpse 12. The First Time 13. Risking It All 14. Comfort 15. Decisions 16. More Than This 17. The Patience Game 18. Part of the truth 19. Dodging Calls

Arthur is kinda sassy and insecure so forgive me if you hate his characterisation, but jaded man is jaded, yo.
In order to avoid another argument with Ethan, Arthur decided the next time Merlin would call, he'd pick up. The trouble was, after dodging Merlin's calls for days, it seemed as though Merlin had given up.

Did Arthur owe Merlin anything?

Even if Merlin hadn't finished his story, his words had hurt Arthur. Arthur's world had once again come crumbling down. No, love wasn't everything, and a failed marriage was just that, a failed marriage. He needed to focus on restarting his career, possibly starting his own accounting firm, if he was capable, or maybe go into business with Ethan.

There were plenty of things Arthur needed to be taken care of and fixing his — whatever it was with Merlin — no longer seemed like a priority. Not even something on his radar.


"Arthur, it's Gwen."

Arthur answered all of his calls now, because he didn't want Ethan to yell at him or blame him for anything.

"Hi, Gwen. What can I do for you."

"Gosh, Arthur. The office is so boring without you and your replacement—"

"Mithian? What's wrong?"

"Well, she's nice, but you know, not nice to look at." Gwen laughed into the phone and Arthur shook his head.

"She's with you, isn't she?"

"Well, yes. We wanted to ask you out for a drink after work on Friday. You know, some of us who actually have jobs and all…"

"I'm working on it… getting a job, I mean, not drinking all the time…" Although, he was drinking all the time, as well. "Who else is going to be there?"

"Why would anyone else be there?" Gwen asked, sounding suspiciously nervous.

"Because if you wanted to grab an after-work drink, you could've asked me anytime. But you said Friday. And you know who only drinks on Fridays?"

"Merlin," she said quietly into the phone.

"Well, he stopped calling me so I'd figured he'd given up."

"Oh, that man's never going to give up on you!" Gwen said.

"Funny, that's what he'd said in his wedding vows, you know, before he'd signed the divorce papers two years later."

"Oh, Arthur…" Gwen sounded resigned, and Arthur wondered just how jaded and miserable he sounded.

"I'll be there."

"What?" She sounded genuinely surprised. "Are you serious?"

"Yes, Gwen. I want to come. I want to…see him."
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Tags: *c:digthewriter, p:arthur/merlin, pt 268:argument, rating:pg-13, type:drabble

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