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What are friends for?

Author: auregan
Title: What are friends for?
Rating: gen
Pairing/s: None
Character/s: Gwaine, Merlin
Summary: When riding out to the caves to get back his magic, Merlin and Gwaine get into an argument.
Warnings: Nothing to note
Word Count: 653
Prompt: Argument
Author's Notes: After numerous attempts at writing for this prompt, the idea finally came to me when listening to 'Dumbledore's Farewell'. This is not beta-ed.

“I think that Arthur should know about this, Merlin.”

At first, Merlin didn’t say anything as he was too busy thinking about the loss of his magic, the overwhelming feeling that he was going to lose Arthur in this next battle for Albion, and of course the knowledge that those closest to him were going to suffer and die at the hands of Morgana and her army.

“I am being serious this time, Merlin.” Gwaine wore a troubled expression on his face that made his brown eyes appear darker than they really were, and though the horse beneath the knight kept a steady pace that his hands were shaking at the reins. “I don’t think that it is wise coming here alone. Especially now that Morgana knows the truth about you.”

Merlin felt pain stab at his chest at Gwaine’s words. “I cannot tell Arthur. He wouldn’t understand. Not now…” his voice trailed off and it took a few moments before he could regain his composure enough to speak again. “Morgana has used dark magic to conquer most of Britain. Arthur knows nothing about good magic...”

“Even though you’ve used it countless times to save both his life and his kingdom?”

Merlin sighed softly as the knowledge of his treason began to once again eat away at his conscience. “He doesn’t need to know about my magic, Gwaine.”

Gwaine’s sharp intake of breath alerted him to the fact that he had said the wrong thing, and when he chanced a look in the direction of his friend, he could see the anger that was now about to explode out in the open.

“What do you mean that Arthur doesn’t need to know about this?” Gwaine said in a dangerous tone. “I think he knows more than he lets on. After all, I found out about your magic when you saved my life, don’t you think that our king might have suspicions about you after he found his life saved on numerous occasions?”

“It’s not that simple!” Merlin yelled out into the silence of the forest. His mare flickered her ears nervously and whickered as he turned to look at Gwaine with eyes blazing. “I cannot tell him anything. Not now when he associates magic with treason and heartache.”

Gwaine shook his head furiously. “I agreed to come with you to these caves with the hope that you had found your courage and told Arthur about your magic. Now our king is marching off to battle with my fellow knights, my comrades… your friends… and they don’t have you marching at their side.”

“You don’t think that I don’t know that?” Merlin hissed between clenched teeth. “I lost a lot more than my magic, Gwaine. I lost a sense of my identity, and I am going to the only place that I know of in the hope that I can get it all back.”

For a moment, the knight was silent and Merlin wondered if he had gone too far. However, Gwaine gave him a sad look and continued without saying anything.

“What will you do if your magic doesn’t return to you?” Gwaine asked finally. His tone had softened considerably, and the look that he gave Merlin was one full of concern.

He released a puff of air and shrugged his shoulders. “I have no idea what I’ll do when it comes to that. It will be worth the try though.”
Gwaine nodded his head. “I am going to wait for you.”

“No, you’re not! You are needed by Arthur…”

“Arthur has an entire army of knights marching with him. You, on the other hand, do not.”


“Do not argue with me, Merlin. I’ve made my decision and it is one that I am proud to make.” Gwaine kicked his gelding into a canter, turned round in the saddle and yelled back. “After all, what are friends for?”
Tags: c:gwaine, c:merlin, pt 268:argument, rating:g, type:drabble

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