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Sarah Doncsecs

A stranger's smile

Author: dhampir1508
Title: A stranger's smile
Rating: Teen
Pairing/s: Merthur
Character/s: Arthur, Merlin, Uther
Summary: After another argument with his father Arthur flees to a bar to drink away his sorrows.
Warnings: shitty Uther
Word Count: 628
Prompt: #268 - Argument
Author's Notes: None

It’s been nearly two hours since Arthur had stormed out of the house. After yet another argument with his father, he just had to leave. Leave the building, leave the neighbourhood; he would have left the city if it had been possible, but instead of fleeing to the countryside he had fled to the first bar he had seen as he had roamed the streets.

The Rising Sun was a good thirty minutes walk from his father’s place and if his calculations were correct, it should be about fifteen minutes from his own flat. That was a short enough distance to be manageable even when drunk; something Arthur fully intended to be by the end of the night.

He didn’t even know why he bothered; Uther had always been a strict man with a strict moral code; a moral code that condemned a lot of things Arthur liked. Like dating men. Not that Arthur had been on any dates recently; his work schedule was usually way too busy to go out and meet new people.

Still, after knowing about his son’s sexuality, Uther still tried to set him up with suitable young women as he liked to call them; all rich and all daughters of his business partners. Arthur disliked every single one of them, his sexuality aside.

But tonight Uther had crossed a line; he had dared to invite someone to their Sunday family dinner, someone intended on marrying Arthur on the spot and even though Arthur had told him time and time again that he would never marry a woman, Uther still had the audacity to feel like the wronged party.

After another heated argument about his sexuality and his duties as a Pendragon, Arthur had left his father’s place in a hurry. Even now, after two hours of drinking and remising, Arthur was still furious about his father’s ignorance. Or maybe he was just disappointed.

“Is this seat taken?”

Arthur’s thoughts were interrupted by a male voice. Looking up from his beer, he was ready to tell whoever dared to approach him off. A few people had tried to talk to him, to maybe even flirt with him, since he had arrived, none getting more than a gruff reply.

“It’s just that the bar is surprisingly full for a Sunday night and I don’t really fancy standing with my leg,” the man continued, robbing Arthur of the choice to reply.

The first thing Arthur noticed were big blue eyes and big ears covered by unruly dark hair, before his eyes landed on the crutches the guy was holding onto.

“Of course,” he replied hastily; he wasn’t asshole enough to deny someone a seat that clearly needed it.

“Thanks mate.”

The guy sat down next to Arthur, slightly bumping him with a crutch as he tried to find a comfortable position for his clearly injured leg.

“What happened?” Arthur asked before thinking it through. He must sound like a weirdo, asking some stranger personal questions but strangely enough, he was dying to know what had happened to the beautiful man beside him.

“Work accident; I fell down a ladder,” he replied and started retelling how exactly it had happened.

Arthur didn’t know why but he listened to the stranger attentively, somehow fascinated by the story and by the stranger's smile.

A few hours later, as Arthur was walking home, surprisingly less drunk than planned thanks to Merlin; they had introduced themselves after exchanging a few bizarre work stories; he realized he had all but forgotten about his argument with his father. Instead, his mind kept wandering back to Merlin and he smiled. Gripping his phone, which now had Merlin’s number saved; he opened the door to his flat and fell asleep happy a few moments later.

Tags: *c:dhampir1508, c:arthur, c:merlin, pt 268:argument, rating:pg-13, type:drabble

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