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Perfect Sleep(over) (Perfectly Imperfect Part 7)

Author: dhampir1508
Title: Perfect Sleep(over) (Perfectly Imperfect Part 7)
Rating: Teen, PG13
Pairing/s: Merlin/Arthur
Character/s: Merlin, Arthur
Summary: Merlin and Arthur have a sleep over; takes place before their first kiss (Part 1 of the series)
Warnings: none
Word Count: 605
Prompt: #274 - Sleep
Author's Notes: None

Merlin knew that most guys their age didn’t have sleepovers anymore but his friendship with Arthur had never been like any other friendships Merlin knew; so despite being 17 they still regularly slept at each other’s places.

Arthur’s house and bedroom were way bigger than Merlin’s but somehow he still seemed to like staying over at Merlin’s better than having Merlin stay at his place. He claimed it had something to do with Hunith’s cooking and how their house just felt homier.

Their sleepovers usually happened on Friday, sometimes they even spent all weekend with each other. On this Friday they were spending the night at Merlin’s house again. They took the bus after school and walked the rest of the way. It was a warm spring day so both enjoyed being outside and playing and joking around on their way home.

Hunith was on a night shift today, her work as a nurse often entailed weird working hours but they found a way around it and a way for Merlin and her to still have enough family time. She had left the boys dinner and cookies for later; which they, after watching TV and playing video games for hours, gladly ate till they were nearly bursting.

After getting ready for bed; there was a mattress next to Merlin’s bed ready for Arthur, they still stayed up a bit, talking about everything and nothing.

“I think football practice wore me out today. I feel like I could fall asleep any second now;” Arthur signed and yawned.

“It’s past midnight anyway; we should probably try to sleep,” Merlin replied with his hands even though he wasn’t all that tired yet. He started removing his hearing aids and putting them in the box beside his bed.

He knew that Arthur needed his sleep and that he would not get it if he tried staying up for Merlin’s sake, so after telling each other goodnight and turning of the lights, they both settled into their own beds.

It only took a few minutes for Arthur to fall asleep; Merlin knew because even though he could not hear Arthur’s breathing, he had learned to read his body language perfectly years ago. The steady up and down of Arthur’s chest was a clear indicator that had fallen asleep.

Merlin wasn’t so lucky; he turned and moved around for ages, unable to truly settle down. After some time he turned to his side and his gaze landed on Arthur again. The gleaming moonlight shone through the open window and illuminated Arthur perfectly; his tousled blond hair, his long eyelashes, his slightly parted lips and the hard lines of his body. Merlin loved every part of him.

It was during quiet moments like this that Merlin actually allowed his feelings to exist. He had realised some months ago that his feelings for his best friend have long ago turned into something more. Maybe he had always felt something more but had been unable to name those feelings in his younger years but he knew for sure, in this moment of time, that he loved Arthur; loved him as a friend, as a partner, as a soul mate and so many other things his mind couldn’t name yet.

Starring at Arthur, his heart burst with emotions he tried to hold back in the daylight, too afraid to break their friendship, which to Merlin was the most important thing in the world, forever if his true feelings were to be discovered. He could feel tiredness settling into his restless body and mind and after a few more minutes he finally fell asleep as well.

Tags: *c:dhampir1508, c:arthur, c:merlin, pt 274:sleep, rating:pg-13, type:drabble

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