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It's Coming!

Author: ajsrandom
Title: It's Coming!
Rating: G
Pairing/s: Arthur/Gwen
Character/s: Merlin, Arthur, Gwen, Gaius
Summary: Gwen experiences labor pains.
Warnings: none
Word Count: 500
Prompt: #278, 500
Author's Notes: Sort of continued from last week.

Merlin was in the royal chambers, tidying up after the King and Queen’s breakfast. Arthur sat at his desk, looking over a speech Merlin had written last night. Gwen sat on the bed, humming and brushing her hair. She was quite big these days—Gaius said the baby was due any day now. Gwen stood to put her hairbrush away, placed a hand on her rounded belly then sat down again.

“Ouch,” Gwen said, still rubbing her belly.

Arthur looked up. “What is it, Guinevere?”

“I just had one of those practice pains again. I’m sure it’ll go away soon.” After a minute or so, she said “There, it’s gone.”

“Good,” Arthur replied. “We’ve got a busy day today.”

“I know.” Gwen stood again and made her way over to Arthur to kiss him on the forehead. “Better get ready for the council meeting.”

“Oh, yes. Merlin, my cloak please.”

Merlin helped Arthur and they were on their way. But an hour later, Merlin had watched Gwen wince several times. Surely this was a bit frequent for practice pains?

Arthur finally seemed to notice Gwen’s discomfort. “Are you all right, Guinevere?”

“No. I think I’ll go back to our chambers to rest.”

Arthur turned to look at Merlin. “Merlin, please escort the Queen to our chambers.”

“Yes, sire,” Merlin replied. He hurried over to Gwen and helped her up. Then he held out his arm to her, which she took. He led her out of the hall and up the stairs, going slowly as Gwen kept wincing.

They were nearly to the royal chambers when Gwen stopped. “Oh,” she said, and a funny look crossed her face. “I think my waters just broke.”

Sure enough, when they stepped away, there was a small puddle on the floor. “Oh,” Merlin said, “I think I’d better get you to your chambers then fetch Gaius.”

“That would be an excellent idea, Merlin,” she said with a smile.

After Merlin got Gwen settled comfortably on the bed, he hurried back to the council room to fetch Gaius. When Merlin re-entered the room, Arthur paused to ask, “Is she resting well?”

“Yes, she is, sire, but there’s been a development.” Merlin hurried over to Gaius and whispered in his ear.

“Well, what is it?” Arthur interrupted.

Gaius stood. “If you’ll excuse me, sire, it appears your child is about to arrive.”

Arthur’s mouth dropped open. “Really?”

“Apparently so.”

“Fantastic! Let’s go.” He turned back to the rest of the table. “Council is dismissed.”

The three men hurried to the royal chambers. Once inside, Gaius went to check on Gwen. “Sire I must ask you and Merlin to wait outside.”


“I’m going to perform an exam I’m sure she’d rather you not see. You’ll be able to return later.”

“All right,” replied Arthur. He and Merlin stepped outside the room.

A few minutes later, Gaius opened the door. “Merlin, fetch the midwife and bring boiling water and sheets. The baby is definitely coming today.”
Tags: *c:ajsrandom, c:arthur, c:gaius, c:gwen, c:merlin, p:arthur/gwen, pt 278:wlm-500, rating:g, type:drabble

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