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It's Amazing The Way A Mother Helps

Author: vampiric_zombie
Title: It's Amazing The Way A Mother Helps
Rating: PG13
Pairing/s: Merlin/Gwaine Merlin/Arthur
Character/s: Merlin, Gwaine, Hunith, Arthur, mentions Percy
Warnings: Unbeta'd (sorry im kinda excited bout it) NO tissues required
Word Count: 972
Prompt: #16

Merlin couldn't take it anymore, which was why he was currently packing a duffle bag. Everywhere he looked all he could see and hear were things that reminded him Gwaine and the months they spent together. It was after seeing him with Percy that morning, all but throwing himself at the lad, he decided he needed to get away. Not knowing why he was the one that should leave considering it was Gwaine that cheated on him, not only in their apartment but in their bed of all places. Gwaine blamed Merlin for it because he wasn't supposed to be home for another four hours at least, when in retrospect it was Gwaine who was cheating so Merlin couldn't understand why he was being blamed.

Hunith opened the front door to her house to find a very upset Merlin standing there, bag on the ground. Without him needing to say a word, she gathered him in her arms and just hugged him for a few minutes before letting go and picking up his duffle and leading him to the sitting room. She left him there a little while, and went to make a cup of tea for her son. She always knew Gwaine was a wrong one, and would rip Merlin’s heart out before walking away without a scratch, she just couldn't tell her son that. The glow that radiated from him when Gwaine entered a room was something she couldn't bring herself to quash.

While waiting on his mother to return, Merlin heard a noise upstairs. He knew his mom liked to take in waifs and strays, she always had a lovely nature, but still he had an urge to go check it out. He stopped on the landing waiting to hear another noise, and just as he heard it his mind had go back to a recurring thought he always had, wondering why his mom put others up in his room when there was a perfectly good guest room next to his. He open his door to a lovely surprise, a perfectly toned arse practically in his face wrapped in tight levi jeans. The owner of the godsend arse sprung up with the breath that Merlin took upon looking at such a beauty. Merlin nearly fainted at the sight of him. Michelangelo’s David had nothing on this God-like creature standing flustered in front of Merlin. Perfectly blonde hair that partially covered one of his piercingly, amazing blue eyes, cheekbones Merlin thought only existed after being run over with an airbrush before printing and a smile so bright and gorgeous you would die just to see it one more time. Merlin dared not study the rest of this man, in fear of falling further.

Hunith walked into the living room only to find Merlin had gone. She picked up his duffle and ventured upstairs thinking he may have gone to his room, since she hadn't told him someone else was staying in there. Merlin said the spare room was fine but the mysterious blonde felt like he was imposing in the room since it was Merlin’s to begin with and offered to take the guest room for the length of Merlin’s stay, however long it was. It was the noble, gentleman thing to do after all. Hunith finally got around to giving them an introduction and Merlin thought, of course his name would be as sexy as his face. Merlin went back to the sitting room where he figured his tea was waiting, giving Arthur a chance to move his stuff, or rather what he really needed out of his room into the guest room, and also in the process and not knowingly, giving his mom a chance to explain to the sexy beast what exactly had caused her son to turn up unexpectedly so torn up, until he seen Arthur that was.

While alone, Merlin mind tended to over-think things too much and now he was wondering whether it was a good idea for him to stay under the same roof as Arthur. He ran through all his options. He couldn't go stay with his dad for the fact he didn't know where he was, couldn't go back home since the reason he left would still be there and still getting to him, carving out the hole in his chest over and over every-time he’d see Gwaine and he definitely didn't have the money to stay in a hotel or B&B, no matter what part of London he went to, they would all be pretty expensive for him. Arthur plonked himself on the couch beside Merlin snapping him from his thoughts. He was looking around the room and suddenly leaned across Merlins lap reaching for the remote on the arm of the couch. Merlin sat into the couch as much as he could, while Arthur lingered reaching for the remote a bit too long, then turned to look at Merlin with those piercing blue eyes of his. Merlin felt what he had left of his heart sink and beat faster then ever before. Just before he was about to speak, Arthur gave him a gorgeous half smile and tilted his head on the way in to kiss Merlin. Caught up in the moment of everything Arthur, Merlin relaxed himself out of the couch and kissed Arthur back, grabbing him gently by his blonde hair and pulling him closer while Arthur was cupping Merlin’s face, wishing the moment would never end. So into the kiss, they didn't hear Hunith walk in until she coughed. They both froze, then slowly looked up at Hunith who was standing smiling at the two on the couch before picking up her mug of tea and leaving the room, closing the door behind her.

Couldnt see a Hunith tag
Tags: *c:vampiric_zombie, c:hunith, p:arthur/merlin, p:gwaine/merlin, rating:pg-13, type:drabble

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