Fitz (fractionallyfox) wrote in camelot_drabble,

Holiday in Denial

Author: fractionallyfox
Title: Holiday in Denial
Rating: G
Pairing/s: (Pre) Gwaine/Leon
Character/s: Gwaine, Gwaine's mom
Summary: Gwaine goes home for the Christmas holidays.
Warnings: Hogwarts AU
Word Count: 300
Prompt: #280: Word Limit Month: 300
Author's Notes: Follows Taking Chances.

Gwaine ran up to his room, throwing the door open, inadvertently kicking up months of dust.

He chased away the floating dust and opened the room’s lone window. Christmas was less than a week away and the air outside was cold but fresh and Gwaine welcomed it in despite the chill. His owl, Fenton, found its way in through the window and took up its perch beside his bed.

Gwaine settled next to him, thumbing through one of the magazines left out on his bedside table.

His mom called up unintelligibly from downstairs. Gwaine answered back, continuing a long ingrained problem they couldn’t seem to fix.

“Everything for washing is in the sack!” he shouted at his open door. “I’ll put the rest away later.”

His mom responded, slightly louder but still indecipherable.

“The clothes are in the sack!”

His mom’s voice grew louder, forcing Gwaine to get out of bed.

“I said the clothes are-“

Gwaine’s mom met him as his bedroom door, holding a scarf in her hands.

Leon’s scarf.

“Is this yours?” Gwaine imagined she was asking so much more than she actually was. “It was in your trunk but it doesn’t look like yours. Aren’t your house colors-“

“Different? Yes, you’re right,” Gwaine interrupted, taking the scarf quickly. “This is my friend’s. It must have ended up in my trunk on accident. I’ll make sure he gets it back. Thanks Mum!”

Gwaine closed his door, knowing full well that he’d get scolded for it later.

He retreated back to his bed, lying down again, worrying the scarf between his fingers.

Fenton looked down at him, eyes wide and round like it could see into his heart.

“We’re just friends,” Gwaine said aloud, to Fenton, a little to himself as he hugged the soft wool. “Just friends.”
Tags: *c:fractionallyfox, c:gwaine, p:gwaine/leon, pt 280:wlm-300, rating:g, type:drabble

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