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Staying. Merlin/Arthur

Author: digthewriter
Title: Staying
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/s: Merlin/Arthur
Character/s: Merlin, Arthur
Summary: Arthur comforts Merlin.
Warnings: Dialogue heavy.
Word Count: 1050
Prompt: 290 for camelot_drabble
Author's Notes: Unbetaed. Written very late at night. Part 16 of "A Secret Admirer?" Story.

Hunith's words were still ringing in Arthur's ears as Merlin grabbed Arthur's hand and led him to his room. After he closed the door, Merlin rested his head against it. His back was to Arthur, and Arthur watched for a long while as Merlin took in a breath and out, as if he were trying to figure his life out.

Arthur felt bad for him. He didn't know what was going through Merlin's head, if he was regretting his decision, or if he was making a list of things to be thankful for, but Arthur didn't want to wait for him. He didn't like the idea that his life—this thing—he had with Merlin was solely going to be Merlin's decision.

Arthur walked up behind Merlin and wrapped his arms around Merlin's waist. He kissed the back of Merlin's neck, and maybe that was the right thing to do, because Merlin's body relaxed and he leaned into Arthur's embrace.

Merlin made a low moaning sound and without Arthur's permission, Arthur's cock sprang into attention. No, this was not the right time for that, Arthur thought, but he couldn't exactly control his body, either.

Still, he didn't let go of his hold on Merlin. He liked having the man in his arms…maybe he loved it. Because he sure as hell loved Merlin.

"Do you want me to leave?" Arthur asked softly.

Merlin shook his head.

They stood quietly for a long while, Merlin's head against the door, and his body in Arthur's embrace.

"I love feeling you like this," Arthur said, and it was true. He didn't mean it in a sexual way; he simply loved feeling Merlin. Everything about Merlin gave Arthur life and that was something he'd never had before. Not with anyone.

"I lov—" Merlin hesitated for a second. "I like being in your arms. More than I thought I would. And I thought about this for a long time."

"I wish you'd told me. Or, I don't know, I wish you'd wanted to be my friend from the start. We could've…" Arthur chuckled. "I could have had you, enjoyed my life with you…Feel this amazing, always."

"God, Arthur," Merlin said, sounding frustrated. HIs body started to turn and Arthur let go of Merlin and Merlin turned around to look at him.

"What?" Arthur said, almost panicking. Had he said the wrong thing?

"Can you stop being so fucking perfect tonight?" Merlin asked, laughing.

"Oh, that…" Arthur shrugged. "Sort of born like this, so can't help it—"

"Shut up," Merlin said, and pulled Arthur in for a kiss.

They kissed like they had the first time. Arthur enjoyed kissing Merlin because it always felt like the first time. He pushed Merlin against the door, grabbed him by his hips, and pressed his body against Merlin's. Merlin didn't seem to mind. If anything, it looked as though he liked getting overpowered by Arthur like that. So Arthur brought his leg in-between Merlin's legs and Merlin lowered himself so he could ride Arthur's leg while kissing him.

It was the hottest fucking thing in the planet.

"Why do you always feel so good?" Arthur asked between kisses as he moved up and down Merlin's neck, nipping and sucking. Merlin released a low moan again and Arthur had to wonder if he was trying to stay quiet because they weren't alone in the flat.

"And the way you smell, Merlin…" Arthur growled. "You drive me wild."

"I want you…" Merlin whispered and then his head thudded against the door. "Shit…"

"Will we wake up your—"

Merlin shook his head. "No, she has this noise cancelling whirring machine thing in her room… It helps her sleep soundly. I just like to be quiet because sometimes Alice or Gaius stay over…" Merlin shrugged. "Just habit."

"Whirring machine thing? Is that the technical term?" Arthur teased.

"Shut up," Merlin said.

"Okay, so…" Arthur said, taking a step back.

"What's the matter?" Merlin asked, looking concerned.

"I…" Arthur hesitated but Merlin's face was getting into deep frown so Arthur tried to hurry his thoughts up into coherent words. "I just don't know what you want from me. Tonight, I mean. I mean, I'd like to stay, but I don't want to invite myself to spend the night, and with your Mum in the next room—"

"I want you to stay," Merlin said. "I think she'll like it we all have breakfast together."

"Okay…" Arthur drawled, glad he was staying, at least, and Merlin thought his Mum liked him enough to want to have breakfast with him. "Do I sleep on the sofa?"

"Don't be daft, Arthur," Merlin said rolling his eyes. "You're sleeping in my bed. Naked."

"But I thought you'd said…at the club…"

"I know what I said," Merlin said, taking a step closer to Arthur, and then pulling Arthur into his arms. "But I can't deny myself this anymore. My mother knows I've stayed out for the night before, and even if she's never seen me bring someone home before it doesn't mean she doesn't understand— And I can't keep lying to myself. I want you. I want you tonight."

He took in a deep breath and looked at Arthur expectantly. Arthur nodded. He didn't dare speak since his heart was beating so fast. So, Merlin continued.

"Even if we don't do anything tonight but lay next to each other. Even if we don't do any more than what we did that first night…"

"I liked what we did that first night," said Arthur. "I like the idea of making you feel good."

Merlin's face softened and he gave a shy smile. He raked his fingers through Arthur's hair and leaned down to kiss Arthur's neck. "You make me feel good every day, Arthur. You make me feel incredible just by being here."

"Now who's perfect with all the right things to say tonight?" Arthur teased again. Damn, he really hated how he relied on humour whenever he became nervous. When Merlin didn't answer but kissed Arthur's neck again, Arthur added, "so should we get ready for bed?"

"Hmm," Merlin said. "I've had a long day. I wouldn't mind taking a shower first."

Arthur nodded. Suddenly, imagining Merlin all naked and wet had made him speechless again.

"Join me?"
Tags: *c:digthewriter, p:arthur/merlin, pt 290:thankful-make a list, rating:pg-13, type:drabble

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