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2017 Holiday Exchange Fest Signups!

Welcome to this year Holiday Exchange Fest at camelot_drabble

As you all know, everyone loves to get gifts, and in this community we like to make someone happy by giving a gift. It's what the holiday season is all about. With that in mind, we thought about playing Santa ;)!

Is there a fic that you just love to read or an image you would love see come to life and tantalize your senses?? Well here's your chance and you don't even have to write a letter to Santa. Just sign up for our Sixth Camelot Drabble Gift Exchange, leave your prompt and (one of Santa's elves in the form of a lovely fellow drabbler, or drawbler) will create it for you! It's all anon until your gift is posted. You'll get a gift and you'll give one in return!

The idea is simple; simply copy the text box below and fill it out in a comment! All comments will be screened; so that we mods can pair everyone up and come Christmas you will have your gift! But shush!!! Don't tell anyone who you've got – it’s going to be a Secret Santa!


  • All work must be beta’d for this Fest!

  • This is a gift exchange fest, please keep your recipient a secret! Don’t go ruining the surprise!

  • Drabbles, in our comm, are anything from 100-1000 words, however for this exchange drabbles must be at least 1,200 words. If you want to write more, you can but no more then 5k, strictly.

  • If you are drawing please adhere to these rules:

  • The drawing must be new and not posted anywhere.

  • Drawing must be complete.

  • As always, your work must follow the Prompt.

  • Most importantly, have fun our little drabble Elves!


  • December 1st: Sign-Ups open!

  • December 6th: Sign-Ups close.

  • December 7-8th: You will receive the gift you will create

  • December 13th: Check in via just to let us know that everything is ticking over fine!

  • December 16th: Please let us know before this date if you are unable to complete, so that we have enough time to get a pitch-hitter so no one is left without a gift!

  • December 22nd*: Posting!
    *Depending on the numbers of signups, posting would be spread out.

Well our Little Elves, get your thinking caps, tinsel, and fairy-lights on; and get ready to make somebodies Christmas very special! ♥


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