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Update on The Holiday Exchange Fest

Everyone will get an email or private message by 12 pm EST on December 8th with their assignments. If you don't get a message by then, please let digthewriter know. Until then, hang tight, and anticipate! I just want to post this quick message here so everyone's on the same page.

When you get your assignment, please make sure you confirm receiving it. There will be a link provided and that's how your confirm it. It's absolutely mandatory to confirm your assignment. If you don't do it, we'll think you are not participating and will give your assignment to someone else.

When you get your assignment:

1. Please read your recipient’s prompts carefully and make sure that you adhere to their likes. More importantly, pay close attention to their “dislikes!”

2. All fics must go through a beta. Remember that the word count is 1200-5000 words.

3. If you are unable to complete your gift, please contact the MODS ASAP at

4. If you find yourself unable to post on the posting date due to unforeseen circumstances – it’s the holidays, anything can happen – contact one of the mods and arrangements for posting will be made.

5. Posting formats will be made available closer to the posting date (which is December 22).

The focus of this fest is to have fun, and know that you can totally work with your own strengths. The prompts provided by your recipient are ideas. Do what you can. Focus on the main points of your recipient’s wish – and you don’t have to write something you don’t like and they have included it. You are not required to write every single thing they asked for. Just go with the flow and do what you feel best. Only make sure that you don’t do any of their dislikes.

We are happy to have you on board and cannot wait to see your final product!
Also, We will also be continuing with our regular weekly drabbles during the fest.
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