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Holiday Exchange Fest 2017 Masterlist!

Thank you all for taking part on our sixth Holiday Exchange Fest. Every time we do this fest I'm in awed of all the positive response. This year, as the years before we have many great stories and beautiful pieces of art. A massive thanks to all the writers, artist, lookers, readers and commentators for being part of this community. Our motto is -you are all the heart and soul of the community. We couldn't express how thankful, privileged and grateful to each and everyone of you we are. I honestly couldn't imagine how amazing this community would have become when it was created. Six years and I’m honestly still in awed.

Here to another successful year!!

This community runs the way it does because I relied on my wonderful co-mods. Special thanks to our Wednesday mod, candream, who does our masterlist, to our Friday mod,digthewriter, who does all the signs up, as well as our AO3 things. They keep things in order when I am not around.

There are many things that we want to accomplish with the community in the upcoming year.We are always looking for things that interests you and that are fun/challenging to do.

Also, there’s an AO3 Holiday Exchange Fest 2017 Collection if you wish to post your work on AO3.

The masterlist for this year Holiday Exchange Fest is below, don’t forget to read and comment on the wonderful entries.

Let it Snow by gilli_ann for ajsrandom |Merlin/Morgana, Arthur/Gwen | PG |
Summary:Morgana seems to be an ice queen who dislikes everything about Christmas. But Merlin is not easily fooled, and discovers the truth behind her chilly attitude. He melts the ice and wins her heart, so that this year, they can celebrate light, love, and real Christmas magic.

ART:Anything For You, My Lady by digthewriter for littensmittens |Balinor/Hunith |G |

Playing Games by bunnysworld for fractionallyfox |Leon/Gwaine|G|
Summary:Leon agreed to accompany Gwaine to this family thing and be his fiancé for the weekend. Will his heart survive?

ART:The Yule Ghost by schweet_heart for little_huntress |Merlin/Arthur|PG|

Whiteout by schweet_heart for camelot_drabble |Merlin/Arthur|E|
Summary:Canon Era AU. Merlin and Arthur are snowed in together after Arthur finds out about Merlin’s magic.

Snowed In by ella_rose88 for gilli_ann |Merlin/Morgana|PG-13|
Summary: It’s been the coldest, snowiest winter day in 50 years and Merlin and Morgana are stuck with their children in a cabin. How will they manage to stay warm and still celebrate Christmas Day?

Under The Christmas Tree by alafaye for fifty_fifty |Merlin/Arthur|NC-17|
Summary:Their first Christmas together and they get a little distracted while decorating.

ART:Playing in the Snow by for digthewriter |Merlin/Arthur|G|
Note:: A gift from the community to DIG.

A Christmas Prat by alx_diamond for bunnysworld |Merlin/Arthur|PG|
Summary:Merlin Emrys works the copy editing desk at the Camelot Herald, but dreams of reporting. When he finally gets a chance, it’s a big one: covering Prince Arthur’s Christmas charity auction. But a run-in with the prince himself may end up changing Merlin’s life in a very different way.

ART:Christmas Love by littensmittens for digthewriter |Merlin/Arthur |G|

My Hero by [Bad username: ] for delicirony |Merlin/Arthur|NC-17|
Summary:A Superman AU of sorts. Merlin Myddrin and Arthur Pendragon are best friends and roommates who work together at the Camelot Times. Merlin has been head over heels for Arthur since the moment they met. But all Arthur can talk about is the mysterious superhero who has recently started saving people across the city. Arthur is desperate to land an interview with the man and is under a lot of pressure from his father to get an interview or else lose his job.
Little does Arthur know that the mysterious hero Emrys is closer than he thinks...

Magicae, Fides, Fidelitas by little_huntress for alx_diamond |Merlin/Arthur|PG|
Summary: Modern royalty AU. After an assassination attempt against the Prince of Damolot, he discovers that his cook has magic. Something he didn't thought was possible.

Seven Christmases by aeris444 for safarialuna | Merlin/Arthur|PG|
Summary:Merlin and Arthur story through seven Christmases.

Puzzle Pieces by slantedknitting for aeris444|Percival/Gwaine|M|
Summary:Single parenthood. Brief mention of one character being a widower. Also a bad title, sorry.

All I Want Is All I Need by stay_magical for schweet_heart |Merlin/ Arthur|NC-17|
Summary:Modern royalty AU. After breaking it off with Merlin two years ago, Arthur thought he would never see him again.

All I Want by ajsrandom for ella_rose88 |Arthur/Gwen| R |
Summary:Arthur and Gwen start their Christmas with a bang, until children barge in.

I’ll Be Home by safarialuna for alafaye |Merlin/Arthur | PG |
Summary:Arthur plans on being home for Christmas.

A Royal Pain by fractionallyfox for stay_magical|Merlin/Arthur |G|
Summary: It's the evening before December 1st and Merlin has so much to look forward to: Christmas time, the big holiday turn over, and his first Christmas with Arthur. Unfortunately, bringing out the Christmas decorations puts a (literal) kink in Merlin's holiday cheer.

ART:The One Who Got Away by delicirony for slantedknitting |Merlin/Arthur |G |
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