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Continue Watching

Author: fractionallyfox
Title: Continue Watching
Rating: G
Pairing/s: Gwaine/Leon
Character/s: Gwaine, Leon
Summary: Leon reflects on their new relationship during a quiet moment on a date night in.
Warnings: Modern AU
Word Count: 583
Prompt: #295: Renewal
Author's Notes: n/a

Are you still watching?

Leon looked down at the Gwaine-sized growth that had wrapped itself around his middle.

They’d been dating for a few weeks now and this – the quiet warmth of Gwaine’s presence – was Leon’s favorite part. He’d long known but had recently become increasingly familiar with how Gwaine operated only on two levels: high or low, on or off. It was either pub crawling into the early hours of the morning or sleeping in till past noon. There was no in between, no middle ground, and Leon selfishly preferred the low key, quieter setting simply because fewer people had the privilege of seeing it.

He reached down to brush back Gwaine’s hair, confirming that Gwaine’s eyes were closed.

It’d been a long week for both of them and instead of forgoing time together, they’d both agreed on a quiet night in. Leon’s fear of coming off as boring so early into their relationship was put to rest by how eagerly Gwaine jumped into planning the details of their date. It took only a few messages to decide on thai food, Netflix, and “possibly chill, if you play your cards right, Leon.”

Leon was hardly disappointed by the slim chances of them reaching ‘chill.’

He knew there’d be time. He felt an attraction to Gwaine that seemed, for all intents and purposes, to be reciprocated but he wasn’t in any rush to get to that experience. There would only be one first experience and frankly Leon had been imagining how it might go in his head for so long that he felt more anxiety than anticipation at the thought of seeing those thoughts to fruition. He could wait for now, for as long as Gwaine could be patient with him, for as long as his nerves were stronger than his urges.

It was easy to wait when his heart felt so full.

Leon stretched his arm out as slowly and tentatively as possible. He reached with the tips of his fingers, nudging the remote closer until he could grab it in his hand. He tapped it awake with every intention of turning the TV off and turning in for the night.

“What’s happened?” Gwaine asked, his voice muzzy from sleep. He nuzzled into Leon’s shirt where affection blossomed uncontrollably. “Where’s the boys? Did they find it?”

“The episode’s over,” Leon said as a nonanswer. “I thought, since you were sleeping-“

“Not sleeping,” Gwaine protested. He pushed himself up to Leon’s shoulder in an attempt to display how much he was not sleeping. “Start the next one.”


“They have to find it.”

Gwaine’s sleep-addled determination left Leon with a warm smile and no other answer.

“Yes, yes they do,” he agreed.

He kissed the top of Gwaine’s head as Gwaine curled up to Leon, his arms entwined with Leon’s, his eyes already beginning to close. Leon chose the affirmative response to the onscreen prompt and the next episode began to play as Gwaine’s head grew heavier on his arm.

Gwaine was asleep before the opening credits started.

Leon looked down, brushing Gwaine’s hair back again as he took in the gentle profile of pure energy come to a stop.

He didn’t pay too much attention to the show. He let it fade into the background of Gwaine’s light snores and the comforting weight of his embrace. Leon did note the episode number so they could watch it again when Gwaine was not ‘not sleeping.’

He would definitely be renewing his Netflix subscription.
Tags: *c:fractionallyfox, c:gwaine, c:leon, p:gwaine/leon, pt 295:renewal, rating:g, type:drabble

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