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Tradition of Certain Duties

Author: hogwartsvixxxen
Title:Tradition of Certain Duties
Character/s:Arthur, Merlin
Summary:Tradition dictates than Merlin as a manservant must perform certain duties
Warnings:unbeta’d hand job
Word Count:675
Prompt:# 17 Tradition
Author's Notes: mistakes are mine

Arthur wanted Merlin, If he was honest about it, he wanted him from the moment he saw the lanky boy in the market place, but his father would never had allowed it. As fate would have it Merlin was made his manservant and he had watched that boy grow in to the man he was today.

The man that quietly seduced him with every smile, tilt of his head, or not so accidental touch. The man that invaded his dreams every night making it difficult to sleep and left him with an uncomfortable ache every sunrise. Yes Arthur wanted Merlin. but he was the king he had his pride and reputation to think about. He knew Merlin wanted him too. He wasn’t afraid or ashamed to stand too close, or stare a bit to long when he was in around Arthur. He wouldn’t be doing this if he wasn’t sure, he just had to convince that is was in his best interest and he knew just how to do that. Tonight he would have Merlin’s virginity.

Arthur had decided to take dinner in his chambers and when Merlin entered he was ready.

Merlin set the tray down “Will there be anything else sire?”

“As a matter of fact there will be Merlin. Sit.”

Merlin took a seat.

“How long have you been my manservant?”

“Five years sire.”

“Five years? Then you know it’s time.”

Merlin was beginning to get an uneasy feeling.

“Time Sire? Time for what?”

“Time for you to become a proper manservant . Tradition dictates that if a manservant stays in the service of his king for five years and the king has not wed, that upon such a time he shall perform certain duties for his king.’’

Merlin thought he was imagining the change in Arthur’s tone when he said “certain duties.” Merlin swallowed. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “And what are these certain duties,” he asked matching Arthur’s tone and hoping that he hadn’t been mistaking.

Arthur leaned in close. “These certain duties include the pleasure of your king.”

Merlin swallowed hard. it was suddenly too warm in the kings chambers and his breeches were becoming too tight.

Arthur got up and walked around behind Merlin’s chair and putting his hands on his shoulders whispered “Would you be willing to fulfill these certain duties, Merlin?”

Merlin’s body tightened and he tried to think as Arthur licked the shell of his ear sending a shiver through Merlin. He couldn’t remember ever hearing of such a tradition but right now he didn’t care. He stood and faced Arthur. “You are my king and it is my duty and pleasure to serve you and to perform what ever certain duties are required of me.”

Arthur cupped Merlin’s chin, it was his intention to give him a chaste kiss but his passion over took him and he took possession of Merlin’s lips. Merlin opened up to him moaning and pressed his hardness against his king’s. That was all the encouragement Arthur needed as he picked him up. Merlin wrapped his legs around Arthur’s waist. as he carried him to the royal bed.

Laying him down Arthur went back to kissing him as he fumbled with the tie on Merlin’s breeches. Arthur began stroking Merlin’s cock, gently squeezing and teasing the head, rubbing his thumb over the tiny hole. Merlin’s hands mirrored his king’s, Through kisses pants of wants and needs echoed through the kings bed chamber. Merlin came first spilling his release on Arthur’s hand. The king followed a few moments later spilling his royal seed on Merlin’s hand.

Arthur took a towel from his morning bath and cleaned them off. As they lay together Merlin whispered “That was amazing but as your manservant it is my duty to know the laws and traditions of Camelot and I don’t remember…”

“Well there’s one now,” Arthur said as he lay on top of Merlin, “ And now that we got that out of the way you have all night to perform those certain duties the first of which is presenting your arse to your king for pleasure,” Arthur his voice heavy with lust as he reached under the pillow and retrieved a bottle of oil.

Merlin smiled “I think I’m going to enjoy this tradition.”
Tags: *c:hogwartsvixxxen, c:arthur, c:merlin, p:arthur/merlin, pt 017:tradition, rating:r, type:drabble

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