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Bad news? What Bad news?

Author: min7girl
Title:Bad news? What Bad news?
Pairing/s:Morgana/Leon, Arthur/Merlin
Character/s:Morgana, Leon
Summary:Morgana reflects on how much her life has changed.
Author's Notes: I wonder if someone needs to make an Uther status report after this. :) Follow up to all of these fics. Blame bunnysworld !:

Bad News
Bad News II
Bad News III
Extra Bad News
Giving Bad News
A new tradition

Leon and Morgana made their way to the tents and grills behind the home they now controlled. Which meant the Camelot Annual Barbecue was now totally their responsibility. Not long ago the pronouns for that thought would have been very different. Everything was always under Uther's charge or 'her' responsibility, but immediately after Daddy dearest's little stunt of taking everything away from the children and handing the keys to the kingdom over to the spouses, all hell broke loose.

First it was the shareholders wondering why huge portions of the company stock shifted hands over night to the CFO and some tech guy they never heard of. Arthur and Morgana had to scramble to solve that one. They still got odd inquiries as to why the family owned Camelot industries was now in the hands of outsiders as if it was some how weakened. Both of them knew better and did what they could to smooth over many concerns. It helped that when Leon and Merlin were assaulted with offers for buy outs almost immediately, both men proved themselves loyal to the Pendragon they loved and deflected every well teased billion away with a laugh.

Then there was the actual living arrangements. Morgana's comfortable 6 room flat that housed both her and her son was in fact locked down when she went to it that evening. So until Leon and Merlin could legally divvy up the property, claim ownership and procure keys. Her and her new family all relocated to the Pendragon estate. Daddy was allowed to stay on as one of the provisors in the contracts, but Leon had control of the main family house. Merlin wanted nothing to do with it.

Turned out Uther really was just waiting to find out who Morgana's mystery man was before releasing this crazy idea of his and in his sick way this was his own idea of making sure his children would be happy with their life choices. It didn't excuse him for throwing everybody into total chaos, but after two years and never finding the desire to move out of her childhood home(quite the opposite when she abandoned the place at 17 vowing never to come back.), she had to admit certain aspects of this little plan of her father's worked.

"MoMo, you shouldn't be carrying that!" Leon came up behind her taking the small gift box away from her.

"Would you stop. I'm pregnant not an invalid. Besides you'll have more trouble with it than me old man." It was only clothes she found for Issy. There was no way she was leaving the fashion of that little darling girl in the hands of Merlin and Arthur.

"Funny how you traditionally call me old man when we're in public, but something completely different when in bed." Leon whispered.

"Funny isn't it?" She smirked at him not bothering to deny her contradictions.

Tags: *c:min7girl, p:leon/morgana, pt 017:tradition, rating:pg, type:drabble

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