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Superman can drown someone?

Title: "Superman can drown someone?"
Genre: Humor/Romance/Drabble
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Summary: Arthur has his breath taken away by certain things flashing before his eyes and now needs mouth to mouth.

"What the hell am I wearing these for?"

"Underoos suit you." Arthur laughed trying to play off his attraction to his friend and manservant/personal valet/PA/general 'minder of Arthur'. "You should have known better than to make that bet with Gwen. She's friends with my sister for a reason."

Arthur saw Merlin in speedos almost every day, so why was Arthur's chest tight and constricted?

"It was a good idea at the time. Who knew she could out last me at the dragon course? I'm KNOWN for my skill with the dragons. It's my gift!" Merlin huffed getting into the rest of the costume selected for him. 

"You were beaten pretty severely by a girl, so this just proves my point. I have always suspected you for a female Merlin. At least now I know." For a second time Arthur tried to fake laugh. The resulting sound he made was more of a strangled goose. He cleared his throat.

Not like speedos left anything to the imagination, but after seeing Merlin in those tight blue Superman pants that most children would find snug, he really had no doubt of Merlin's manhood and most likely never would again.

"You alright?" Merlin peeked his eyes up from tying the laces of the shoes he had on. And where the hell did anyone find shoes like that? "Can't have you coming down with something right before the party. Morgana would finish what Gwen started today and end me."

"No one will end you if I cough. I have clauses in place that assure your security when I'm not available to defend your honor like today." The nightshirt only came up to Merlin's upper thighs. It was thin material and blue to match the underoos and shoes.

Merlin spun around once to grab at the headband he was to don to complete the look. The sudden shift revealed the bulging red "S".

Another choking sound escaped Arthur's lips. Currently he matched that partially erect bulge and then some.

The bow sat askew on Merlin's head and it was as if Arthur was swimming again, Merlin his life line to get out of the bottom of the pool and maybe breathe some fresh air. Arthur's brain felt extremely light. Thinking became very difficult, very quickly.

Merlin crowded his space holding a hand to his face. "You sure you're ok? You've gone that funny color you get when Viv does her back strokes."

A slow stream of oxygen trickled into Arthur's lungs when Merlin made contact with his skin. Those deep blue eyes so very close. Those lips so very there. Merlin would forgive him just this one indulgent breech of protocol. He could explain it away later. They could joke about it or laugh it off. Yeah laugh it off.

Arthur moved forward the excruciatingly small distance till his body was flush with Merlin's and leaned up to press his lips to his friend's. His left hand found the small of Merlin's back while his right tangled itself perfectly in Merlin's barely tamed bed hair. The heels made him taller but somehow that worked too. Their bodies lined up in that way that made everything ok and good.

A tongue traced his upper lip, only a tasting tease, a small flick of 'give me more' before retreating. Arthur's brain and body were no longer drowning but instead floating on the water in the summer sun. All he had to do now was finish going after what he wanted.


A/N: I think I will do another from Merlin's perspective. In this verse they all play water polo for fun. This is what Merlin was wearing with the prompt.

Tags: *c:min7girl, p:arthur/merlin, pt 002:picture prompt (superboy), rating:pg

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