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Love Witch

The North Wind (Ch. 6)

Author: little_huntress
Title: The North Wind (Ch. 6)
Rating: PG
Pairing/s: Arthur/Merlin (one of these days...)
Character/s: Arthur, Merlin
Summary: The Valley of Lights was a mythical place, home to Gods and magic. Arthur Pendragon vowed he'd find the glacier of the North Wind, and bring proof of its existence back to his village.
Warnings: None
Word Count:
Prompt: #299: Missed Chances
Author's Notes: Previous Chapters

Slowly, the Guardian's face broke into a smile. Arthur couldn't decide if the gesture was comforting or not.

In here, Arthur didn't know where he stood. What was real, what he could believe in.

Maybe he should've told him the whole story, come out with it with no fear of the outcome, but the words were stuck inside him, and the moment had already passed. His chance gone as quickly as it came.

“Do you have any idea how many times I’ve turned away men and women seeking glory?” The Guardian asked, his smile unwavering, Arthur had the feeling an answer wasn't required of him. He remained silent, hands in his lap, watching the Guardian's face closely. Hoping the mirth and wonderment he was reading wasn't just wishful thinking.

He looked directly at Arthur. His eyes too bright and open. A hole opened up in Arthur’s stomach, his hearbeat was racing. The cave was suddenly smaller around him.

Arthur opened his mouth but only air came out. Today he was being terrible at communicating.

Tags: *c:dreammaidenn, c:arthur, c:merlin, p:arthur/merlin, pt 299:hbm-missed chances, rating:pg, type:drabble

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