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The Future Is Now (Chapter 9)

Author: sidhe_faerie
Title: The Future Is Now (Chapter 9)
Rating: PG
Pairing/s: Luther (Uther)/Ygraine
Character/s: Aggy Dubois (Agravaine), Morgana, Arthur, George
Summary: Secrets come out that Luther would prefer to keep secret.
Warnings: mentions of character death
Word Count: 947
Prompt: 303 Quote “Loving the monsters always ends badly for the human” Laurell K. Hamilton (Circus of the Damned)
Author's Notes:

Chapter 9
George the butler cleared his throat at the doorway of the study.

Luther looked up from the file he was reading. “What is it?”

“It’s Lord Dubois, sir, he's come from London to see you.” George glanced out into the foyer.

Luther leaned back in his chair. “Send him in since he is already here.”

George bowed his head and left the room to send in the visitor.

“Still in the country after all these years, Luther?” Lord Dubois asked as he walked in the room. “You know, there is a great big world out there.”

Luther sighed. “What do you want Aggy? I have things to do.”

“You don't get to call me that.” Aggy shook his finger at his host. “My sister called me that and your selfishness killed her.”

“Ygraine died in childbirth.” Luther stood up and walked over to where Aggy stood. “Why are you here?”

Aggy grinned. “The London season is about to start. Don't you think Arthur should be getting out there and finding a wife? He is the next Earl of Cardiff.”

“He will marry when he's ready.” Luther folded his arms across his chest. “Arthur is no concern of yours.”

“He is my nephew! My sister’s child!” Aggy took a deep breath to calm down. “Does he even know who he is? Does he even know he's a Lord? There are no coat of arms displayed and your butler referred to you as ‘sir’ not ‘my lord’.”

“I am a simple business man. Nothing more. I have an exporting business.” Luther walked over to a table by the window with glass decanters on it. He poured himself a drink.

“Arthur doesn't know, does he?” Aggy chuckled. “You know he will find out. Someone will tell him.”

“You mean you will tell him.” Luther took a sip of his drink.

Aggy was getting annoyed with the sight of Luther's back. “Arthur will inherit the Barony of Sommers and Earldom of Cardiff. He will be a powerful man. You should be instructing him on his duties to the Crown not hiding his true identity.”

Luther put down his glass and leaned on the table. “When we are both dead and gone, he will know that I did what I thought best for him.”

“Like you did for my sister?” Aggy asked. “You are a monster, Luther Drake. My sister loved you and it killed her. My nephew is clueless of his birthright because of you. Clearly, you are more harm than good for the ones that love you.”

Luther turned around. “It takes a monster to know a monster, eh Aggy? Maybe we should ask your older brother. No. We can't because you killed him.”

“It was an accident and you know that!” Aggy spit back.

“You shot him during a hunt.” Luther picked up his glass again. “He was rather large to be mistaken for a pheasant, don't you think? Ygraine didn't think it was an accident either. She knew you killed him to be Baron of Sommers. That's why she wouldn't forgive you.”

“My sister is rotting in a country churchyard buried like a commoner without her title on her headstone because of you. Have you ever visited her grave, Luther?”

“Yes.” Luther slammed his glass down. Whisky sloshed over the table. “Get out before I mistake you for a pheasant.”

Aggy shrugged. “I intend to see my nephew before I leave this hell hole of a village. I won't be the one lying to him then.” Aggy stormed out.

Luther took a deep breath. He knew the day Arthur found out was coming. He had just hoped to be dead when it did.

Luther walked over to his desk and picked up his mobile. He started to dial Arthur but put it down instead. He would just have to face what he had done. Arthur would understand one day.

Arthur walked into the Dragon's Egg and knocked on the counter. Morgana!

Morgana came out of the kitchen with a tray of fresh biscuits. “I haven’t finished setting up. Go make yourself a cup.”

“Sleep in with that new bloke?” Arthur smirked as he came around the counter to fix his own tea. “I know you've been spending time with him.”

“That is none of your business.” Morgana slapped him on the back of the head as she walked back into the kitchen.

Arthur rubbed the back of his head and laughed. “So he has seen you in your knickers.”

“You're a pig!” Morgana shouted from the kitchen.

“I'm not the one shagging the new bloke.” Arthur laughed. He took his tea to a table and sat down. “Merlin…”

Morgana came out of the kitchen and sat down at the table. “How’s Gwen?”

“Waiting on her divorce to be final and not being shagged by me.” Arthur sipped his tea. “We are going to dinner tonight.”

“Oh and then you'll shag her?” Morgana snickered.

Arthur made a face at his sister. “No. I am a gentleman.”

“Right.” Morgana nodded then burst out laughing.

Lord Dubois walked in and looked at Arthur and Morgana. “Arthur Drake? I’ve been looking for you. I'm your uncle.”

Arthur glanced at Morgana. “Aggy Dubois? I recognize you from photos my mother had in an album. Why are you looking for me?”

“Because, My Lord, we need to talk about your future and your inheritance.” Aggy smiled.

“My Lord?” Arthur scowled.

“Yes. My Lord.” Aggy bowed slightly. “You will be the next Baron of Sommers and Earl of Cardiff.”

Arthur was speechless as he stared at his uncle.

Morgana looked down at her cup and said nothing. She didn't even know about Arthur being titled.
Tags: *c:sidhe_faerie, c:arthur, c:george, c:morgana, c:uther, pt 303:ca-nte pt 1, rating:pg, type:drabble

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