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Here And Now

Author: usernameMoonflower999
Title:Here And Now
Summary:Merlin needs some comfort
Word Count:191
Author's Notes: reincarnation?

“Arthur! Where have you been…it’s been hours!” Merlin fussed over Arthur, taking the groceries from his arms and somehow simultaneously relieving Arthur of his jacket and throwing it over the chair. He then dropped the groceries onto the chair too and wrapped his long arms tightly around Arthur.

Arthur’s impatience at Merlin’s hovering was immediately quelled as he sensed Merlin’s desperation. “Hey, love, what’s wrong? Did something happen while I was gone?”

Merlin just snuggled in closer, and shook his head against Arthur’s shoulder. After a few moments he pulled back a little bit. He gave a small laugh of chagrin and shrugged. “I really don’t know. It just came over me again. I knew it was only a couple of hours, but somehow it felt like a thousand years—like I’d been waiting forever and ever. I almost called your mobile, but I knew I was being silly. I’m sorry for jumping you as soon as you walked in the door.”

Arthur took Merlin’s hand, pulled him over to the sofa and into his arms. “It’s alright, love. I’m here. I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere. I’m right here.”

Tags: *c:moonflower999, c:arthur, c:merlin, p:arthur/merlin, pt 306:ca-nte pt 4, rating:g, type:drabble

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