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Prompt No. 307 Sign ups!

Sign-Ups for prompt # 307 is now closed!!!

Good Morning!!

Today's prompt was picked by ajsrandom, who was the first person to correctly guess the episode's tittle on Name That Episode. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Today's prompt is

The Rules:

1.] All drabbles/drawbles must follow the prompt.

2.] All pairings, rating, or genre, are allowed. Everything will be accepted, as long as it contains the prompt in some form.

3.] All drabbles/drawbles must be posted by Tuesday, April 3rd by 8 PM Eastern/Standard Time. This allows you four days to complete your drabble or drawble.

4.] When posting your drabbles/drawbles please use the correct posting format, which can be found here.

To sign up just comment on this post. Once you leave a comment you are automatically signed up for the prompt. Names will be added to the list throughout the day.

Sign-ups will end tomorrow Saturday March 31st at 10 AM Eastern/Standard Time.

REMEMBER: You must sign up to be able to submit! There's also no limit to how many drabbles/drawbles you can post.

Enjoy, and get creative!


1.] archaeologist_d
2.] sidhe_faerie
3.] bunnysworld
4.] amarie_authiel
5.] ajsrandom
6.] little_huntress
7.] schweet_heart
8.] fifty_fifty
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