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See you

Author: aeris444
Title:See you
Character/s:Merlin, Percival
Summary: A photograph is everything for them
Warnings:[Warnings]Major character death, open ending with suicide mention
Word Count:314
Prompt: 309. Song prompt - photograph
Author's Notes:I'm not even sorry... Not betaed

Percival’s hand trembled as he opened the pocket of his shirt. He found the paper in there and took it out.

The photograph was slightly crumpled and Percival saw the dust and blood stains his fingers were leaving on it. But the image was still clear.

Merlin and him, smiling, their bodies closes, their expression relaxed. A picture of happiness, a way to make that wonderful moment stay forever.

Percival remembered the day they took that picture. It had been a simple Sunday afternoon spent in Holland Park to make the best of the sunny weather. Merlin loved to take “lovies”, his version of selfies, pictures of them being in love. He didn’t shared them on social networks, though. They were kept on his phone and sometimes, he printed his favourites to put on the mantelpiece.

He had given this one to Percy the day he had left, at the airport just before saying “I love you” and “See you”. He never said goodbye.

Percival heard the explosions outside. Perhaps this time they should have said goodbye.


Merlin looked at the pictures on the mantelpiece. In the middle of all the perfect photographs was a crumpled and stained picture.

Merlin lets his fingers trace the frame around the picture. He remembered all too well the moment the Lieutenant General had given him Percival’s belongings… This pictures, his identification plate and some other things.

It was three months ago and it still didn’t feel real for Merlin. They hadn’t said goodbye.

Merlin gently stroked Percy’s face on the picture.

He wanted to touch him again so much, to feel his arms around him, to kiss his forehead, to hear his laughter. He couldn’t accept that they had been separated forever.

“See you soon.”

Merlin turned away from the picture and slowly walked to the bathroom.

“Soon.” he murmured as he closed the door behind him.

Tags: c:merlin, c:percival, p:merlin/percival, pt 309:song prompt 7 (photograph), rating:r, type:drabble

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