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A Heart of Gold Touches Everyone

Author: vampiric_zombie
Title: A Heart of Gold Touches Everyone
Rating: G
Character/s: Arthur, Uther, Morgana, Gwen, Lance, Freya, Gwaine, Percy, Hunith, Balinor. (mentions Leon and Elyan)
Warnings: Un'beta'd, Tissues may be required (they were for me while typing)
Word Count: 864
Prompt: #18 Gold
Author's Notes: So so so Sorry. Please, Please Forgive me!!!

They all sat side by side staring at a picture of the most unselfish, caring and funny man they ever knew who also had the biggest heart of gold the world had seen. Arthur, however, was standing at a podium with tears rolling down his cheeks, splashing ink blobs on the paper in his hand. Uther sat near the back, he didn't really know Merlin, and always wondered what Arthur had seen in him, but looking up at his son breaking into a million pieces glancing at the coffin where his beloved lay every few seconds, he couldn’t handle it, as usual it was too much emotion for Uther.

Morgana watched her brother fall apart, and wished that Leon could have gotten an earlier flight to be here for his best friend. Just as she reached the end of the thought she heard footsteps coming up the aisle behind her, and while wiping the tears from her eyes, she turned around and was surprised to see Uther walking up towards Arthur with heartbreak in his eyes. She grabbed hold of his wrist afraid of what he might do, but he looked down at her, reassurance in his eyes behind the tear that had started to fall. She managed a weak smile and let go.

Gwaine was sitting, staring at Merlin's picture. No joy, no happiness, no tears, no sadness, just total numbness that his best friend wasn't going to be there anymore, wasn't going to make his laugh with all the goofy things he did, the tantrums over Arthur, the lads nights in just the two of them, a few beers and a movie or cards, Snap! was their poison. Merlin had always told him it was because Snap! was the only game he never had to repeatedly explain the rules of. Not even a smile hearing Merlin say it in his head. Freya was holding his hand, he couldn't feel it. He couldn't even feel the shaking of her shoulders as she wept. He was just numb.

Percy sat in the second row of pews so that he wasn't blocking anyone else. Merlin had wanted only close friends and family at his funeral, so when Percy was about to sit in the front pew he heard a voice saying, “Hey, Giant, Down in front,” and gave a little laugh because Merlin always shouted those words at him, no matter how near or far, whenever he was blocking Merlin's view, so he retreated to the second row for Hunith, Balinor, Arthur, Gwen and Lance, Morgana, Gwaine, and Freya. Though for a “Giant” he was going through Kleenex quicker then the rest. He was the toughest of them all, but the softest at the same time and Merlin was the one that let him know that both can be and are acceptable, that it didn't have to be one or the other, even if it did take him a long while to get it through Percy’s skull.

Hunith and Balinor sat completely still staring through tear filled eyes at their son’s picture. They had chosen it together and the one they chose was Merlin full of life after his first date with Arthur, a gleam in his eye, whole body glowing and the biggest brightest smile they'd ever seen on their sons face. Only natural when he’d finally, after thirteen years, getting to be with the man he’d mooned over, cried over, obsessed over and would do anything for, and they loved Arthur for giving him the one thing in the world he wanted, and giving them the most happy child ever.

Gwen was clutching Lance’s hand so tight it had turned purple. He didn't care. Gwen was crying the hardest she’d ever cried in her life. Merlin was like a brother to her, and that meant a lot to her because she had no clue where her actual brother, Elyan, was and not a day went by she hadn't thanked the universe for bringing Merlin into her life. She never took him for granted and she couldn't and wouldn't imagine what life was going to be like without him around. All she knew was it was going to be a lot duller. She was wiping her nose when she noticed a dark figure walking past. Looking up she seen Uther, crying, walking to his son on the alter. Flicking her eyes at Arthur, she understood why, he was barely able to talk now and was clutching the sides of the podium for support. Gwen couldn't take it in the church anymore, so she got up, looked at the coffin and picture of Merlin, apologized to him and ran outside with Lance on her heel.

Uther got to the altar, walked up the steps slowly as if any sudden movement would put Arthur running away too. He walked towards his son and put his arm around him when he got there. Arthur completely broke, folding into Uther arms and begged his father to make it stop, make the pain go away and bring Merlin back to him.

“I would if I could, my son.”

Again, Sorry =(

**No Balinor Tag**
Tags: *c:vampiric_zombie, c:arthur, c:freya, c:gwaine, c:gwen, c:hunith, c:lancelot, c:morgana, c:percival, c:uther, pt 018:gold, rating:g, type:drabble

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