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By Your Side

Author: little_huntress
Title: By Your Side
Rating: PG
Pairing/s: Gwen/Morgana
Character/s: Gwen, Morgana
Summary: They're building a life together, making a home.
Warnings: n/a
Word Count: 316
Prompt: #311: Song Prompt - "Perfect"
Author's Notes: This is supposed to take place in the 40's.

Morgana had to take a deep breath before pushing the door open, inside was quiet, streelights illuminated the narrow entrance. She glanced around, smiled, it was hard to believe this was home.

It was a humble flat, but she loved it, what it lacked in space it made up in warmth.

"Hello?" She called. Despite having no answer she walked in the direction of the dinning room slash kitchen, guided by the scent of recently cooked food. Morgana was taken aback by the sight that greeted her. Their small table was beautifully set: candles, a vase with big, red flowers was the centerpiece, and the food looked inviting.

"Do you like it?"

Morgana turned around. Gwen's smile was bright, Morgana couldn't stop staring at her. She was wearing a dress Morgana hadn't seen before, it was blue and it came just above her knees. Tonight she'd shunned her usual updo, her hair was loose and wavy, one of the red flowers had been pinned to the side.

"The dress? I love it." It was ridiculous how Morgana’s heart lurched at the sight of Gwen.

Gwen rolled her eyes, grabbed one of her hands and kissed the side of her mouth. Morgana’s breath hitched. They could do this now, behind the closed doors of their little home. It didn't matter if the rest of the world thought they were just two girls, two friends living together, flatmates. They knew the score.

Morgana was pushed in one of the chairs with instructions to open the wine, while Gwen went searching for the gramophone jn one of the unpacked boxes.

She did as she was told, and soon the first notes of Long Away and Far Ago soared across the flat. Morgana shook her head at Gwen's corniness, but she had to admit the song was right. With one, single look, she knew Gwen would be everything for her.

Tags: *c:dreammaidenn, c:gwen, c:morgana, p:gwen/morgana, pt 311:song prompt 9 (perfect), rating:pg, type:drabble

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