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Deliver Us

Author: little_huntress
Title: Deliver Us
Rating: NC-17
Pairing/s: Arthur/Merlin
Character/s: Arthur, Merlin
Summary: Arthur was supposed to hunt down demons and take on the sins of the world, fighting against the forces of evil, but Merlin, a half-demon, offers him his help and love.
Warnings: religious imagery, rituals, demonic possession, sexual content
Word Count: 1k
Prompt: #322: Pity,cope,bleed.
Author's Notes: My brain wouldn't give me a break until I wrote this 😈

The body lay broken on the alley's ground, the poor man's eyes milky-white, the unholy abyss of Hell forever engraved on his retinas. A demon, stronger than the regular, low rates ones looking to get their kicks on earth aboard an unsuspecting host, had robbed the man of life and will.

Arthur could do nothing, but fight until the end and expel the evil in a merciful way instead than through exorcism, which only would've brought the man's death earlier. He ran both of his hands through his hair, letting out a long, tired breath.

"Satanam aliosque spiritus malignos," he invoked, hoping to get rid of any malevolent spirits thinking of sticking around. Arthur kneeled beside the body, placing a crucifix on the middle of his chest. He was ready to pronounce the transference ritual when a pentagram drew itself down the body, and flames burst from it, rewriting it. Soon the body turned to ashes, the crucifix remained intact, untouched by Hell's flames.

"Pity you couldn't save him." The words rumbled, echoed around him, like the ocean impetuously crashing in a hollow cave.

Arthur didn't need to turn to see who the new presence was. Instead, he took his time getting up, dusting off his clothes, wincing at the new aches on his body he'd just noticed.

"Your pity isn't needed here," he said, fishing out of his coat his pack of cigarettes, and putting one between his lips. "Why'd you come?"

"Because I thought you might miss me," Merlin said, stepping into Arthur's space lighting the cigarette with a touch of his finger. Arthur rolled his eyes, blowing away the smoke. The familiar warmth of Merlin's body stirring something dark in him.

"I've barely noticed your absence."

Merlin laughed, fingering the clerical collar binding him. "I like it when you lie, it's good to know you rebel against the church's rules."

Merlin was a walking dichotomy, good and evil raging inside him, his demon blood made him dangerous, yet his human soul shone bright, he was capable of empathy, of free will, and if any of the things he had told Arthur since they first crossed paths was true, then he was capable of love too.

Arthur was helpless in his presence.

The cigarette consumed quickly, his fingers had begun to itch. Merlin's starlit eyes were intent on him, enticing him, his nearness pushing him over a cliff he never wanted to be saved from.

Merlin's thumb traced his lips then pushed inside, Arthur sucked on it eliciting a shiver from him. Merlin licked the pad afterward, their saliva mixing in profane communion. He moved closer, pushing his body against Arthur's, nosing gently the flesh of his throat. "You shouldn't do this by yourself," he breathed, raising goosebumps on Arthur's skin. "This job, this task you've taken on will be the end of you if you're not careful."

"It is my duty to atone for their sins, to give them one last chance at redemption," Arthur said, voice thick with want only Merlin could bring out in him.

"Yes, but who looks after you? Who carries that burden with you? You might swallow their sins, but you deserve redemption too," Merlin said, punctuating the words with a soft bite. "I can help you cope, you don't have to save the world alone."

"Sure." Arthur buried his fingers on Merlin's shoulders. "Sure."

"Let me help."

Merlin didn't make a comment, didn't gloat when Arthur followed him out of the alley after they pulled away from the intimate position they'd inevitably found themselves in. They walked in silence, passing strangers, breathing in the chill night air, the street lamps flickering and guiding their steps until they were standing outside Merlin's building, his modest flat awaiting them.

When Arthur stepped inside the flat he'd felt the odd sensation a void in his chest was slowly getting filled.

"Make yourself at home, you know where everything is," Merlin said, dropping his jacket on the nearest chair because he was messy beyond repair.

"I'm going to--" he gestured vaguely toward the direction of the bathroom. Merlin nodded.

His reflection on the mirror greeted him with a scowl, he was dirty, smelled of sweat and grime and blood. Arthur took the collar off and ran the water, getting himself cleaned as best as he could. There was a part of him that was still in denial about his feelings for Merlin, he was meant to hunt down demons and their offspring, to bring peace to those in need, to do the Lord's bidding here on earth. Yet, here was, unable to resist, craving him. Longing for his touch, aching to feel him.

These feelings, as consuming as they were, they were the only thing he had left. He was an instrument, a sin eater offering absolution before death to the detriment of his own soul.

He'd already forfeited the Kingdom of Heaven by taking on the sins of the world, so why should he deny himself this?

Merlin was lying on the mattress strategically placed in the middle of the flat, Arthur hesitated for a brief second before he went over, taking a decision he straddled him, pressing his palms flat on either side of his head. Merlin stared at him curiously.

"You say you want to help me, but, would you bleed for me?" Arthur asked, serious, searching Merlin's face for any sign of betrayal.

"I would," Merlin answered with no hesitation, cupping the back of his head and bringing him down to meet him in a kiss, soft and tender at first, Merlin was gentle to the point of reverence, his tongue sweet, probing, coaxing Arthur's mouth open.

Arthur let go of all resistance, and soon their positions changed, he was pinned under Merlin's weight, the two weeks they'd spent apart had taken a toll on him because he was desperate, he needed all, he pulled and pulled, asked with his body, their clothes couldn't come off fast enough. Arthur moaned against Merlin's mouth, this wasn't their first time, but it felt different, everything was aglow, every touch left a mark, they were hands and fingers and tongues, skin on skin. Arthur felt feverish, their desire coursing through his bloodstream, an unstoppable conflagration.

Merlin fucked him against the mattress, his cock filling him up, claiming him, his fingers digging in his hips, and Arthur already longed to see the bruises that would be painted there tomorrow, the covers were bunched up in his grip. He buried his face in the pillow, muffling his cries, loving every second of Merlin moving inside him, tipping him over the edge, only to follow close behind, Arthur's name trapped between his lips as he released.

Merlin held him after, stopped his trembling with soft touches and kisses. With words, Arthur was too tired to begin to understand.

He only knew he'd no longer have to walk alone.

Tags: *c:dreammaidenn, c:arthur, c:merlin, p:arthur/merlin, pt 322:3wp-pity.cope.bleed, rating:nc-17, type:drabble

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