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Golden Glow

Author: mara93
Title: Golden Glow
Rating: R
Pairing: Arthur/Gwen
Summary: When the war is ended, he has but one request of her.
Warnings: Mature loving (non explicit)
Word Count: 460
Prompt: gold
Author's Notes: Future fic, no spoilers

Golden Glow

There is a golden glow in the sun, of fire and liquid shine. And somehow she’s been gifted with it. He enters their room, finding her adorned by the sunlight, her glowing sun blessed skin. As the solar power inches through the tiny crack in the curtains. Her naked body is a golden glow of erotic spectacle. She’s done it. Like he asked. Like he whispered before this last battle had to start.

“When the war is done I’ll send messenger, you know through our warlock friend. And I ask of you just one thing. Let me find you bathed by the sunlight. Let me find you like nature intended.”

Beautiful woman. She heeded. She’s given him this gift.

He peels away the clothing, already having his bath when the war ended. He moves it all from his body until he’s as nature intended as her. And then slowly, gently, he moves onto the bed, clasps her golden skin with his yearning hands. Presses a warm wet kiss to the spine of her naked back. Whispers. “I’m home.”

He hears a murmur, watches from the side as her breasts press into the blankets. And then a gasp. Her face is against his. She’s twisting in his grasp, holding his back tightly. Breathing out. “Oh, you’re home. Arthur. Oh.”

He kisses her more, now with her face to him, tickles the inside of her thigh with his fingers. It’s been two years of marriage. He knows her inside and out as does she about him. But still he can bring a flush to her cheek. Still he feels himself throb hard when she is near. She kisses his cheek, his chest, brings her own fingers down daringly between his legs, making him groan with need. Her sun blessed skin glows heavenly golden as he spreads her thighs. Once the vibrations of motion start her legs surround him in warm wet heat. He pushes in. Whispers against her golden love drenched neck. “Guinevere. My Guinevere.”

And she’s soon exploding. And so is he. Golden shards of light, raining down upon their gyrations of body. The sun through the crack of curtain opening, showering through, above and within..

And when she’s satiated by it and him, when he’s filled her with his fiery essence and feels the golden river of her pleasure within him, he lays upon his back, grasps her sun soaked form to him.

Then he sees it as her gentle murmurs of sleep press against his chest. Revels in it as the sun plays with the crack in the curtains. That golden glow that lights up her skin as if the sun had caressed it.

Golden glow of erotic spectacle.

Golden glow of the sun’s most beautiful gift.

His wife.
Tags: *c:mara93, p:arthur/gwen, pt 018:gold, rating:r, type:drabble

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