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Author: shadowspun
Title: Vodka
Rating: G
Pairing/s: none
Character/s: Gwen, Merlin
Summary: Merlin's big idea gets him in trouble.
Warnings: teeny bit of Merlin!whump at the hands of Gwen ;)
Word Count: 260
Prompt: #326 "I've been checking you out."
Author's Notes: at the end

"You know, I've been checking you out for the last week and I have to ask," the clerk leaned over the counter and grinned lasciviously, "You realize there are better brands of vodka, right?  I would be quite happy to introduce you to them tonight with some body shots.  I’ll bring the vodka if you bring the lemon and sugar."

Gwen blushed and stuttered a bit as she replied with some sort of negative answer, gathered her purchases and ran out of the liquor store as quickly as she could.  The minute she got back to the flat she shared with Merlin, she smacked him upside the head hard.

"Ow!  What was that for?"  He rubbed his head as he reached for one of the bags with the vodka they needed to make the various fruit and herbal extracts the two of them had decided to make for Christmas presents this year.

Gwen glared at him while opening one bottle and topping up the peppermint extract Merlin had been checking on before she got home.

"That idiot clerk hit on me.  It's your fault."

"How is it my fault?"

"I told you he was creepy."

"No.  You said he was weird.  There’s a difference."

Gwen actually growled a bit.  "Merlin, you're going there if we need anymore."  She looked at the bottles arrayed on the counter.  "And this is the last time we do this.  I don't care how skint we are or how great your mother’s recipe is for this shit, we're buying everyone ridiculously expensive, non-alcoholic presents."

A/N: I see the clerk as a cross between Cedric and Edwin.
Tags: *c:shadowspun, c:gwen, c:merlin, pt 326:random dialogue 1, rating:g, type:drabble

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