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Author: starkidpatronus
Title:Philip And Snap Crackle
Character/s:Arthur, Merlin
Summary:Arthur hires Merlin.
Word Count:426
Prompt:326: "I've been checking you out."
Author's Notes: Not beta'd.

“I’ve been checking you out.”

“I know,” the raven-haired man replies, smoking his cigarette in the dim light of passing cars. The water drops from the overhang above catch on his eyelashes.

“You do?”

“It’s my job to know.”

“Right. So, uh…” Arthur shuffles his feet, looking down at them. “What do you do?”

“Depends on what you can offer me.”

“Well what are your rates?’

The dark-haired man shrugs. “Depends on what you want.”

“And that depends on your rates.”

The man takes another drag on his cig. “50 for anything over clothes. 75 for hand-jobs. 95 for a blow-job. 150 for the full monty.”

“Then I’ll take the full monty.”

“Grand.” He throws his cig down onto the ground and stamps it out with his foot. “Take me to your place.”

Arthur has never been more grateful for the anonymity London provides. As they ride the tube to Arthur’s flat, no one gives them a second glance. If the doorman has any opinions about the man in leather pants that Arthur is bringing to his home, he does not voice them.

“Wow,” the man says once Arthur’s closed the door behind them. “Nice digs.”

“Thanks.” Arthur tosses his keys onto the coffee table and stands beside it, hands in his pockets, rocking back and forth on his heels.

“So, what’s your name?”


“Is that why your key has an ‘A’ on it?” the man asks, smirking amusedly.

Arthur sighs. “All right, fine, it’s a fake name, but—I bet if I asked you, you wouldn’t give me a real one.”

“’Course I would,” the man replies, sitting down and leaning back on Arthur’s sofa. “Snap Crackle is my God-Given name.”

Arthur huffs out a short laugh. “Right, of course.”



Snap Crackle stretches out on the sofa so that he’s lying down. “Shall we…get to it?”

“Er—right, then.”

Arthur sits down next to Snap Crackle, on the edge of the sofa. He tries to lean in, then pulls back, saying, “Sorry, I don’t know what I’m supposed to—”

“Just,” Snap Crackle cuts him off, placing his hand on the back of Arthur’s neck and pulling him closer, and this is the first time Arthur’s gotten a real look at his face, in real light, not streetlights, and God, his eyes are so blue and so wide as they take in Arthur. “Relax.”

He leans forward and captures Arthur’s lips in a kiss, and for what feels like the first time ever, Arthur lets his shoulders drop and gives in.
Tags: *c:starkidpatronus, c:arthur, c:merlin, p:arthur/merlin, pt 326:random dialogue 1, rating:nc-17, type:drabble

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