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The Secret in the Basement part 4

Author: aranei_eisel
Title:The Secret in the Basement part 4
Rating: pg
Character/s: Arthur, Morgana, Morgause, Merlin, Uther, Aredian, others
Summary: a death leads to a secret in the basement
Warnings: none
Word Count: 881
Prompt: 328, Whatever your going to ask, the answer is N0!
Author's Notes: Part One ; Part Two ; Part Three

No sooner had Morgause closed the mudroom door than the front bell rang. Morgana moved quickly to the gate cam. “His car is gone.” She then turned to look at her sister practicing a couple of karate moves. “Whatever you’re going to ask, the answer is No!”

“I was just going to suggest we have some real fun,” Morgause smirked at her. “I bet Aredian wouldn’t turn down a chance to practice with us.”

Morgana shook her head, “Or we could just not answer the door.”

“He knows we’re here. Also, the locks and alarms can be controlled from Father’s phone,” Morgause responded. “He will get in eventually.”

Morgana gave her a concerned look and flopped in one of the breakfast room chairs. “Great.”

The bell rang again as she moved toward the front hall. “I would rather be in control than caught out.”

As Morgause approached the front door she could see through the side windows that Aredian was not alone. Two large men flanked him and both looked just as creepy as Aredian himself. She stood there for a moment trying not to panic. The thought that her father wouldn’t allow Aredian to kill her was of little comfort. There was a lot someone could do to you before you were dead. She plastered a neutral expression on her face and opened the door.

Aredian gave her his usual greasy smile. “Morgause my dear, How nice to encounter such beauty twice in a day.”

Morgause didn’t smile but did keep her claws sheathed. “Did you forget something Mr. Aredian?”

“No, I just needed more muscle to pick up a couple of things.” Aredian gestured to the men behind him.

Uther Pendragon might have been a harsh bastard to his children but as a result they could deal with the best and worst of it. Morgause kept a calm visage trying to figure out how best to slow things down to give Arthur and Merlin the best chance to get away. “Certainly, come on in.” She stood and watched as Aredian and the two men entered the house. Under different circumstances she would have been interested in the tall dark one but this was not time for that. As they followed Aredian down the hall she left the door open a crack.

There were times that Morgause thought that Morgana might be a mind reader and this was certainly one. As she made her way back toward the kitchen she could see Morgana with a tray of cookies, little sandwiches and lemonade. She smirked at Morgana for her clever plan. It wasn’t much but it might buy them a few minutes.

Arthur kept a firm grip on the reins as Merlin’s arms were wrapped low around his waist. The girls who rode with him usually put their arms around him such that they could take advantage. This was just so different and difficult as Merlin shifted about, uncertain where to put his hands, uncomfortable on the horse. “Lean forward against me a bit and take a hold of the portion of reins I’m not holding,” Arthur instructed.

Arthur’s plan to race across the estate’s massive lawns to the woods was proving difficult as Merlin shifted about. “Are you in pain?”

Merlin took a moment before he answered . “Yes.”

Arthur felt bad for him but there was little he could actually do. “Try pressing your knees in a bit to keep your leg from bouncing so much.”

Merlin shifted a bit more trying the things Arthur suggested. “Thank you.”

Arthur looked over his shoulder before speaking. “Don’t thank me yet. We still have a ways to go.” He tried to swallow down the worry that they weren’t moving fast enough.

Merlin did his best to keep his voice calm. “How far is it?”

“It’s a bit over 10 kilometers across this part of the lawns and then there it’s about 3 kilometers of woods, ” he stated. “But it’s the 4 kilometers or so of fields after that where we might have the most trouble.” He had tried his best to imbue his voice with confidence.

Merlin shifted again trying to calm his fears, “Why not go another way?”

“It’s the fastest way across the lawns, a direct line to the woods,” Arthur responded.

“No, I meant why not by car or just call the police service?” Merlin asked.

Arthur swallowed hard. “My father…” He cleared his throat. “He has people in his pocket, all kinds in positions of power, including the local police. Many you don’t want to know. The second Aredian finds out you’re gone he will make calls and come looking for us. We would have needed to drive maybe 50 kilometers to escape the net he has built around the estate. We need to get somewhere really public where you will be seen.”

“And where we are going is really public?” Merlin asked.

“No, but Mithian is’t under my father’s thumb, not that he hasn’t tried.” Arthur chuckled at the memory of Uther trying to force Mithian to sell him her family’s farmlands after her father had died. “But she has more land and money than he does.” Arthur had a turned as much as he could to smile at Merlin. “And her influence is gaining every day.”

To be continued...

Tags: c:arthur, c:morgana, c:morgause, c:uther, pt 328:random dialogue 3, rating:pg, type:drabble

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