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Author: araneieisel
Title: The Secret in the Basement, part 6
Rating: PG
Character/s: Arthur, Merlin, Morgana, Morgause, Aredian, Uther, others
Summary: A death leads to a discovery in the basement
Warnings: None
Word Count: 954
Prompt: 330 Chocolate
Author's Notes: Part One ; Part Two ; Part Three ; Part Four ; Part Five

PS: I have no beta and I have no idea what I am doing :)

As they rode on in silence Arthur couldn’t keep his thoughts from returning to his sisters. He knew they were strong and capable but that didn’t stop him from worrying. He was at least heartened by the idea that some of their friends were coming over. Aredian was a lot of things but not stupid enough to do something in front of a bunch of teens with phones. Still, he could picture the anger when it was discovered that Merlin was gone. If they were willing to lock a boy in the basement of the house…

Merlin nudged Arthur a bit. “You are thinking so loud I can almost see the steam coming out of your ears.”

Arthur hesitated a moment before speaking, “I’m worried about my sisters.”

Merlin tensed. He could sympathize with Arthur’s concerns but he had no desire to go back. When Merlin didn’t respond he kept going. “Don’t get me wrong. They’re smart, strong and clever. I Just don’t know to what lengths Aredian and my father will go.”

“Why didn’t they just come with us?” There was no way he was suggesting they go back.

“I want them to be able to say they don’t know anything. When this is all said and done I want them to look innocent.”

Merlin smiled to himself. “You’re a good brother.”

Arthur blushed. “Whatever happens don’t tell them I said they were smart, strong and clever.”

“I will require payment to keep my mouth shut,” Merlin teased.

Arthur rolled his eyes. “Of course. But I am not buying you anything Louis Vuitton or Prada.”

“Unless they make chocolate, I’m not interested.”

It suddenly seemed as though the woods were right in front of them, just a few hundred meters. Arthur counted them lucky to have gotten this far and pressed Hengroen to go a bit faster. He slowed as they approached the woods and looked at his watch. It had taken them almost an hour to get this far. “Morgana sent out a party invite a bit before we left. They should be there by now.”

Merlin tensed wondering if Arthur was going to suggest they go back. “Your sisters should be fine then.”

Arthur shifted, “Don’t worry. We are not going back. I doubt we would make it to the house. Plus, we don’t know how big a crowd showed.”

Merlin moved around to look back in the direction of the estate. “I thought I heard music?”

Arthur brought Hengroen to a halt and listened. He could definitely hear something. “Father had a sound system installed for the pool and gardens.”

“Maybe this is there way of telling you they’re ok?” Merlin suggested.

Arthur held Hengroen perfectly still as they listened. “Take your place at the end of the line, line, line, used to love you, but you set me free.”

Arthur jerked his head up, “I know that song. It’s some of that ancient heavy metal crap Morgause listens to.” He closed his eyes for a moment to think. “Something about running. Shit, they know which way we went.”

Aredian didn’t have to wait long for Valiant to return. “The quads are there just no petrol.”

Aredian paced about the large kitchen thinking out loud. “They didn’t leave by car and the quads are still here.” He stopped and took a chip from a bag. “Helios was right when he said that there are lots of places to hide in this house but my gut instinct tells me the boy isn’t here.”

Valiant smirked, “You think he was a bit enough of a plonker to try walking? I mean this place is in back-arse of nowhere.” He edged toward the hallway and the sound of loud music.

Aredian left him to it as he had no intention of informing Valiant of anything more than he needed to know. Fortunately Helios returned. He trusted Helios even less but that was only because the man had some intelligence. “I can’t tell if anyone has left on foot recently. However, in a flowerbed outside the mudroom is a fresh horseshoe imprint.”

Aredian got an aha look on his face and slapped the counter. “Of course.” He led Helios into the mudroom. “They would have to ride double as I doubt the boy could ride by himself which means they couldn’t have gotten far.” He turned to look at Helios as he took his keys out of his pocket. “There is a petrol pump on the other side of the garage to fill up the quads.” He held up his keys. “Don’t leave with my keys.” He dropped the keys into Helios hand giving him a pointed look.

Helios took the keys, grabbed Valiant and headed for the garage. Aredian watched them go as he pulled out his phone. While Helios and Valiant put petrol in two of the quads, he called the neighbors closest to the estate claiming concern for Arthur. They reported not seeing him but would keep their eyes out. He was certain but there was no way to confirm that it was Arthur who had freed the boy. And as for where he went, he had a good idea. Just as started to head toward the petrol pump Helios returned. “We are ready to go. Which way?”

Aredian stood watching the party that had moved outdoors, a smirk on his face. Morgause caught sight of him and pulled a young red headed girl into close conversation before she moved away into the house. The music playing on the outdoor speakers ceased for a few moments. Many of those meandering about suddenly entered the house. Aredian nearly jumped out his skin as moments later a song played at ear shattering decibels.

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