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New AO3 Mod / Co-Mod Needed

Hi everyone!

We’re on the lookout for someone to help the community as a new moderator. These mods don’t have access to livejournal at work and we don't feel it's fair to keep on letting mod duties slide. Unfortunately, our AO3 mod is stepping down. Therefore, we are currently looking for someone to fill in the AO3 Mod position as well. Past experience dealing with AO3 is preferred, but we will be able to take anyone who is willing to learn through a step by step of the process.

As co-mod, we need someone to monitor the community, check that there’s no drama going on, make/edit some posts, help put with the Holiday Exchange Fest, can be the backup for the masterlist and/or edit.

If you're interested in being our new MOD, please leave us a comment here (comments will be screened) with the following information:

We will announce the new AO3 mod shortly after reviewing the applicants.


Thank you!

♥ cd_mods
Tags: !comm things, !modpost

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