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The Holiday’s Are Coming...

Banner by schweet_heart, Art by Whimsycatcher

To all our Drabblers, Drawblers, Stalkers, Skulkers, and Members!

It's beginning to look a like Christmas. Twinkling lights and sparkling garland are starting to adorn windows that have been kissed by winters first breath. The scents of cinnamon, peppermint, gingerbread and maybe even snow fill the air. If you listen, you can hear the faintest sound of bells can be heard in the night sky. Well my darlings, It's Santa Claus getting his reindeers ready.

The question is...Have you been Naughty or Nice?

Well if you've been naughty,(and we hope you were) you don't have to worry because you still get a gift, and isn't that one the best things about the season, giving and receiving gifts?

So in honor of this festive season we’ve decided to have our 7th Camelot Drabble Holiday Exchange Fest.

Is there a fic that you just love to read or an image you would love see come to life and tantalize your senses?? Well here's your chance and you don't even have to write a letter to Santa! Just sign up for this year Camelot Drabble Gift Exchange, leave your prompt and (one of Santa's elves) a lovely fellow drabbler, or drawbler will create it for you! It’s all anon until your gift is posted. You’ll get a gift and you’ll give one in return!

Sound good? We think so – and we’re all so very excited!

Sign-Up’s, rules, and schedule will be posted on November 30th.

Help us pimp this Fest! Grab a Banner and spread the word!

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