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Mister Emrys

Author: starkidpatronus
Title:Mister Emrys
Character/s:Arthur, Elena
Summary:Arthur has had it with the new PA's behavior.
Word Count:487
Prompt:341: Coffee
Author's Notes:Not beta'd. May use this scene in a future AU (very future, I have a lot on my plate right now lol).

“Here’s your coffee, Mister Emrys,” Elena says as she hands Arthur his travel cup. It’s the third time this new PA has called him “Mister Emrys.” The first time, he thought he’d misheard her. The second, he figured it was just because she was new to the job. But it’s been a week now, and he’s had enough.

Taking the cup from her, he asks sharply, “Why do you keep calling me that?”

Elena looks back at him, brow furrowed. “What? ‘Mister Emrys?’”

“Yes, that.”

“Oh, well—I don’t know, I just figured you took his name,” Elena explains, shrugging. “Not sure why. Is he Merlin Pendragon then?”

“What?” Arthur peers at this strange creature before him.

“Or did you two decide to hyphenate?” Elena asks eagerly. “More and more couples are doing that now, so I guess I should have assumed—”

“It sounds like you’ve assumed an awful lot,” Arthur cuts her off sternly. “Elena—It’s Elena, right?” Elena nods. Arthur swallows and inquires, mouth dry, “Elena, do you think Merlin and I are—married?”

“Well—yes,” Elena answers, as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world. “Aren’t you?”

“No!” Arthur exclaims, utterly gobsmacked. “Why would you think that?”

“Because—well, you’re always calling each other pet-names,” Elena reasons. “And you certainly act like a married couple. So, it just made sense to me that you would be one.”

“We act like a married couple because we are acting as a married couple on the show,” Arthur declares firmly. “And we call each other pet-names just to—stay in character. Keep the chemistry alive.”

“Right, of course,” Elena says, nodding her head urgently. “That makes complete sense. I’m so sorry for making the assumption, Mister Pendragon. Won’t happen again.”

“I should certainly hope not,” Arthur says and takes a sip of his coffee. Then, a thought occurs to him. “Hang on—If you knew my last name was Pendragon, why would you call me Mister Emrys?”

“Oh, well—I just figured your Wikipedia page hadn’t gotten around to being edited yet.” She shrugs again, this time apologetically. “Sorry for the mix-up.”

Arthur sighs; she’s new, he needs to go easy on her. “It’s fine,” he assures her. “Just—Mister Pendragon from now on, all right?”

Elena nods. “Right.”

Arthur nods back. “Good. And um—thank you for the coffee. It’s good.”

Elena beams. “Will there be anything else, Mister Pendragon?”

“No, I’m fine for now,” Arthur replies, already returning to the script in his hand. “Thank you.”

With that, Elena departs. Arthur does his best to focus on his script, but his mind keeps drifting back to the whole bizarre incident. It isn’t that troubling that Elena thought Arthur and Merlin were married; their whole job is based on people thinking they’re married, in a way. What’s troubling is how Arthur didn’t entirely hate being called “Mister Emrys.” Didn’t mind it all, actually.
Tags: *c:starkidpatronus, c:arthur, c:elena, p:arthur/merlin, pt 341:coffee, rating:g, type:drabble

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