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He's Used to Staring

Author: min7girl
Title:He's Used to Staring
Summary:Arthur used to being the focus of attention. He's gorgeous, wealthy, popular, a sports hero, and gay. Honestly it's just another day when eyes are on him. Right?
Author's Notes:Fic-tag to anyone who wants it.

As a Senior in high school and captain of the football team, Arthur was used to stares. He wasn't that bad looking. Most even told him he was down right gorgeous with blond hair, blue eyes, and the body of a soon to be greek god. At 18, god like status just wasn't that common, so yeah, stares happened. Girls looked, guys looked, they all liked to look ever since he was a very young "golden boy". The eyes on him grew even more dedicated when on his first day of high school he turned a girl down by telling her he was sorry but "I don't like girls".

Of course even with all of this staring his sister Morgana was the one who kept his ego in check, calling him every insult that could be imagined. She staunchly defended him if anyone else attacked him without cause, but was vicious to a fault from as early as age 6 when Arthur wanted to play with her dresses rather than his trucks. She let him have everything with both barrels from that moment on, calling him everything from sissy and girlie boy that first year, all the way to fudge packing nancy boy when he stole her cereal this morning. She had always said that if he couldn't handle her insults, how would he handle those of people who didn't love him?

So when today rolled around, the day to ask someone to go to homecoming with him, he was shocked to find himself standing in front of a freshman, a gawky awkward thing with messy hair, big ears and a penchant for talking too much. He had seen him during Freshman orientations, taking a tour with his friend Gwen and wondered how anyone could trip around  obviously overgrown limbs so gracefully. He even caught himself following the two for a little bit of the day before remembering the reason he was at school when classes hadn't even started yet. "Oops, I should have been at practice a while ago. See you around Gwen. Later new kid." He gave the younger boy a wink and sauntered off trying to ignore the tension he had with leaving. Why was he trying so hard to look impressive? Why was his back straighter? stomach tight? Arms flexed to their fullest?

"Merlin, isn't it?"

"Yeah. Arthur? Isn't it? Although since there are posters of you being the star athlete all over this school, I don't think I actually need to guess about who you are."

"Not my fault for getting recognized for being good at something."

"It is your fault for being an arrogant ass though."

And that was new. Yes, Morgana had her insults and there was that few times with Valiant & Company in his sophomore year where things got more than a bit heated, but no one spoke to him like that.

"If I'm so arrogant why would I deem you worthy of going with me to homecoming?"

Merlin sputtered. "So desperate for a gay boy in this school, you went after me?"

"My options have never been limited. And I tend to go after what I want."

"Hmmm. Robbing the cradle a habit for you?"

"Why are you making this difficult? This is a simple question!"

"What question? You never asked me one! Oh right the thing about me being worthy?!"

Arthur scrubbed a hand over his face. "Do you want to go or not?"

Merlin folded his arms in front of him. Arthur felt most of the school staring at them. He was in the Freshman hallway, which was outside of the cafeteria. It was right before lunch started and HE was putting himself out there for this kid to reject him publicly.

"I would say yes if you could ask politely, but since you've some stick up your butt and think you're a gift from on high, I don't think I should."

"Oh really?" Arthur instinctively crowded into Merlin space. "So you don't want to go to Homecoming with me? You want to turn down... all of this?" A quick wave of his hand along the side of his body and back up let Arthur see the path of Merlin's eyes lingering, closing and opening, fighting not to stare when everyone else was.

Then the unthinkable happened, younger boy's tongue flicked out to wet his lips.

Arthur was 18, turned on, and didn't give a damn. He leaned forward and kissed Merlin. A quick press on those moist, full, sinful lips that Arthur had some how managed to start daydreaming about in the last half of a second. Vivid daydreams of things he had never done before, but really wanted to try.

Merlin's lips didn't let him retreat too long either. The younger boy all but lunged back into Arthur's arms, that some how managed to wind their way around the smaller framed dark haired boy.

Cat calls, hollers, and Mr. Kils, their history teacher, finally broke them up, sighting "that sort of thing was not meant for hallways."

"So you'll go then?" Arthur whispered in Merlin's ear before he could move that far away.

The rolled eyes and peck on Arthur's cheek wasn't exactly the response he was hoping for, but it was a start.

Tags: *c:min7girl, p:arthur/merlin, pt 020:kissing, rating:pg, type:drabble

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