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The Lord and the Lady's Maid

Author: sidhe_faerie
Title: The Lord and the Lady's Maid
Rating: PG
Pairing/s: Arthur/Gwen
Character/s: Merlin
Summary: Arthur plans to run away with his sister's maid.
Warnings: none
Word Count: 873
Prompt: 366. Historical AU
Author's Notes: 1900-ish I was going for a Regency Romance feel. This may not be a onezie. I left it a bit open ended.

The Lord and the Lady's Maid

Lord Arthur Pendragon son of the duke and heir to all he can ever want walked down the hallway to his sister's room. He knew she wasn't there. He had seen her ride off. As it so happened, it wasn't the Lady Morgana that he was looking for.

He stopped before an open door and looked both ways down the hallway. He stepped inside the room and found what he was looking for.

“Guinevere, where is my sister, your mistress?” Arthur asked even though he knew the answer.

Guinevere looked up from the clothes she was putting away. “My Lady has gone for a ride. She won't be back before luncheon. Is there a message that you wish to give her?”

Arthur shut the door. “No. It was you that I was seeking.”

“My Lord, this is inappropriate. I am a servant.” Guinevere looked down. “What would the duke say?”

“I care not.” Arthur stepped closer to her. “All I care about is you.” He stroked her cheek.

“We should not be here like this. You are being too familiar with me. Your father would be shocked by your behavior.”

“I would like to be more so. My father has been more than a little familiar with servants he would not be shocked at my actions. Has he been familiar with you?”

“No My Lord. I have been spared his attentions. I have not blue eyes nor blonde hair. I am not in possession of a very well endowed bosom. Those are the features he prefers and I have none of them.”

“Fortunately for you, i prefer none of those features. I prefer only you.” Arthur smiled.

My Lord, I need my job. I must support my family.” Guinevere tried to move away but Arthur pulled her back. “Please My Lord.”

“Tell me what else you need Guinevere.” Arthur leaned cloe and whispered in her ear. “Tell me everything.”

“Arthur.” Guinevere sighed. “We are just torturing ourselves. We can never be together.”

“Nonsense! I will whisk you away today to the registrar office if that is what you want. It's what I want.” Arthur took her hand on his.

Guinevere pulled her hand from his. “I want that too but the Duke…”

“He can rot for all I care. Come with me Guinevere. Come with me and be my wife, my future duchess.” Arthur stepped closer and pulled her into his arms.

Arthur kissed her slowly as he pulled her even closer to his chest. Guinevere arms wound around his neck as she leaned against him. After a few minutes Arthur pulled back.

Arthur stroked her cheek again. “Meet me in the garden by the oak tree at midnight. I will have horses ready. We can ride through the night and reach London by midday the day after tomorrow.”

Guinevere nodded. “I'll be there. I promise.”

Guinevere watched as Arthur left the room. They were fools but she didnt care. She loved him.

Near midnight, Arthur threw things into a travel and picked up his coat.

“My Lord, where are you going in the middle of the night?” Merlin asked as he walked into the room.

“I'm taking a trip. It doesn't concern you.” Arthur glared at him.

“What should I tell the duke?” Merlin leaned against the wall by the door.

Arthur groaned. “Tell him you don't know where I am.”

“Where shall I say Lady Morgana's maid has gone off to?” Merlin asked.

“How did you…?” Arthur closed his eyes. “Who else knows?”

“Just me. She didn't tell me but I sussed it out by the way you were looking at each other at supper. I know you love each other. Shall I tell the Duke youre off hunting?”

“Yes. That would be good he won't worry for a few days maybe a week.” Arthur went to the gun rack and retrieved his hunting rifle. “Thank you Merlin.”

“Arthur, are you sure you should do this now? Why not wait until you're the duke?” Merlin asked.

“I won't ask her to wait. I don't want to wait either.” Arthur looked at the clock on his mantle. “I need to go. I still need to saddle the horses.”

“Already done. I did it myself. Good luck.” Merlin bowed his head as Arthur moved past him.

Arthur saw the two horses tied outside the stable as he passed on his way to find Guinevere. He spotted someone near the oak tree but it looked like a boy.

“Hello? Who's there?” Arthur asked.

The figure turned around. It was Guinevere dressed in breeches and a short cloak. “Arthur, it me.”

“Come, we need to go.” Arthur reached a hand out to her and they hurried to the horses.

Arthur tied their bags to the saddles amd lifted Guinevere om her horse. He mounted then they walked their horses down the drive until they were out of sight of the manor house. Once they hit the main road they moved as fast as they could in the moonlight.

From Arthur's bedroom window, Merlin watched them go. He would stall the duke as long as he could for them. He smiled as he closed the curtain and walked to his room in the servants quarters.
Tags: pt 366:historical au, rating:pg, type:drabble

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