Aranei_Eisel (araneieisel) wrote in camelot_drabble,

Truth Will Out

Author: araneieisel
Title: Truth Will Out
Rating: Teen
Character/s: Uther, Morgause, Arthur, Vivienne, Morgana and Mordred
Summary: secrets have a way of catching up with you
Warnings: foul language
Word Count: 434
Prompt: 372, bingo month, skeletons in the closet
Author's Notes:

Uther Pendragon stood on the sidewalk halfway between the door to the apartment building and the limousine. He glared at a blonde boy picking up a folder and papers he had dropped. “Really Arthur, you need to do a better job of organizing yourself.”

“You could help him Father,” a tall girl with long blonde hair admonished him. She knelt down to help the boy.

Uther shifted his briefcase from one hand to the other. “If I do it for him, how will he learn.”

The girl scowled up at him, “Assisting is a form of teaching.”

Uther opened his mouth to respond but was cut short by a loud screeching voice.


A well-dressed woman in a red suit with her hair pulled in a tight bun on her head stood like a warrior going into battle. From the severe look on her face, it was more than clear she meant business.

Uther quickly stepped forward and tried to grab her by the arm. “Vivienne!” he hissed. “This is not the place.”

Vivienne stepped back. “Don’t touch me!” she said loudly. “And this is the perfect place. You can’t hide behind your money and lawyers.”

Uther tightened his jaw as he noticed the gathering crowd. “I will not stand here and take this.” He didn’t take his eyes off of Vivienne. “Morgause, Arthur, get in the car.”

“You don’t get to walk away this time Uther.” Vivienne snapped. “I am done being your dirty little secret. It’s now time for you to take responsibility.” She then turned and grabbed two children by the arms and shoved them forward.

A dark haired teen girl and young boy, maybe 5, with dark curly hair both stumbled on the sidewalk in front of Uther. They stared at Morgause and Arthur as they stared back for a moment before all four turned to look at Uther.

“Vivienne, you can’t do this,” Uther stated sternly as if he could make her obey with the tone of his voice.

“Watch me asshole.” Vivienne turned and walked away.

The young boy looked around at the group of people nervously before moving closer to Uther. “Father?”

Uther stood stiffly. “Mordred, Morgana.”

Morgana looked at Uther as if he were the devil himself. She flicked her long black hair over her shoulder before she spoke, her voice as cold as ice, “Uther.”

Morgause looked sharply at both the girl and boy. She had absolutely no doubt that they were Uther’s spawn, that the rumors she had heard were true. He had cheated on her mother and, evidently, for a very long time. “You really are everything she said and more.” Morgause then took Morgana and Mordred by the hand and led them toward the building. “Arthur, are you coming?”

Arthur, who had stood there watching the whole thing a bit wide eyed, glanced quickly between Uther and Morgause. The choice was easy. “Wait for me.” He ran after her.

Tags: c:arthur, c:mordred, c:morgana, c:morgause, c:uther, pt 372:bingo-round 1, rating:pg, type:drabble

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