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A Wholeness of Life, Part 2

Author: shadowspun
Title: A Wholeness of Life, Part 2
Rating: PG, for slight violence
Characters: Morgana, Gwen
Summary: The girls' shopping trip takes a turn when they go to the bank and it gets robbed.
Warnings: someone gets threatened in a bank robbery
Word count: 802
Prompt: 372, Bingo - caught in a robbery
Author's notes: Part 1 leads directly into this one.

Part 2

“Morgana, we have to stop at the bank on the way to the stationer’s.  Aunt Margaret sent me that check for my birthday and I haven’t deposited it yet.”

Morgana laughed at Gwen as she polished off her sandwich.  The pulled pork was messy and no matter what care she took, always ended up dripping a bit off her chin.  She accepted the napkin Gwen handed her as she replied. “You realize you can deposit those checks with your mobile, right?”

Gwen shrugged.  “I know. I just like going to the bank better.  Feels more like I have a relationship with the bank instead of just being a number to them.”

The two women crossed the street to get to the bank as Gwen tried to finish her chips before they got there.  Morgana swiped one of them to help her along, grinning as her friend swatted her hand. “My food. If you want chips, get your own, you hussy.”

Morgana saluted her with the chip before she popped it in her mouth.  Gwen was the best thing that ever could have happened to her. Her first day at university, the woman had come into their dorm room and smiled at her sunnily, introducing herself before her father had walked in with a box in his arms.

Morgana hadn’t quite known what to think of the woman, who was at turns both shy and confident.  That first few nights they talked for hours, and Gwen listened as she spoke of her demanding father, and golden child brother.  Morgana, in turn, heard about Gwen’s single father, and estranged brother. By the next week, the two realized they had found sisters of the heart in each other.  Gwen let Morgana take the lead when she needed to, but reined her in when she went too far. In return, Morgana made sure Gwen realized that she was more than just a caring person, and was quite brilliant as a leader when she let herself be.

The fact that Gwen didn’t bat an eyelash at Morgana’s wealth, even though she was at university on multiple scholarships, helped.  The first time she scolded Arthur for being an insensitive prat, as his own best friend regularly called him, cemented Morgana’s love for Gwen.

The chimes of the door to the bank pulled Morgana out of her reverie.  She walked over to the small seating area in the corner of the bank to wait for Gwen to be finished with her deposit.  She gave the man sitting across from her a tiny smile to be polite. His glance skittered away from hers after he nodded swiftly back.  Morgana mentally shrugged and picked up the gossip magazine on the table in front of her, turning her attention to the cover story about a model she knew slightly, and his supposed relationship with one of the royal family members, who she knew more than slightly, given that he was her cousin.

She never noticed that her seating companion had gotten up, engrossed in the lies the magazine had made up about her cousin (who was really dating the model’s equally male and equally handsome agent).

“Everybody on the ground now!”  The man who’d been sitting across from her had a gun in his hand, as did the two others spaced equally around the bank.  Morgana looked over at Gwen, who’d just reached the front of her line, and was frozen while handing the check to the teller.  “Do what I said!”

Morgana scarcely remembered the next few minutes.  She must have lain on the ground, because all she could recall was the perfumed smell the cleaning solution had left on the patterned carpet beneath her cheek.  It was vaguely floral, and reminded her of the one the maids had used on her father’s study when she was ten and Arthur had decided to rush in with a puppy wet from the rain that had peed all over the rug.  The scents of dog, piddle, and chemical flowers had stayed with her for a long time, rushing back in a haze of memory.

She handed her purse to the man who’d been sitting across from her when he demanded it, eyes still locked on Gwen’s grim face, finally registering what she was seeing.  Gwen blinked slowly. She was fine. Worried, but fine. If Gwen was fine, then Morgana was fine. If Morgana was fine, then Gwen was fine. Morgana blinked slowly back, and Gwen’s face lost some of its tightness. 

They would be alright.  The robbers would get their money.  They would leave. Morgana would call her father and have him cancel all of her cards.  There was nothing in the purse that couldn’t be replaced. 

All would be well.  They just had to get through the next few minutes.

Tags: *c:shadowspun, c:gwen, c:morgana, pt 372:bingo-round 1, rating:pg, type:drabble

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