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I know I started late, but RL was crazy this month, so I'm happy that I managed to write at least 4 drabbles and that they line up for a bingo!

Title/Creation: Rocky Start
Link: Rocky Start
Prompt: Forced to marry
Bingo Completed: horizontal

Title/Creation: New Ritual
Link: New Ritual
Prompt: Bedtime Rituals
Bingo Completed: horizontal

Title/Creation: Teacher of the Year
Link: Teacher of the Year
Prompt: First Fight
Bingo Completed: horizontal

Title/Creation: New light
Link: New light
Prompt: sex toys
Bingo Completed: horizontal

Hope I didn't mess this up.
Even though I didn't black out my card (and I'm not going to try in the little time there is left) I had lots of fun with this and I hope we'll do it again!
Tags: *c:bunnysworld, pt 372:bingo-round 1

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