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Pendragon at Sea, part 4

Author: shadowspun
Title: Pendragon at Sea, part 4
Rating: G
Characters: Arthur
Summary: New storms bring new problems for Arthur.
Word Count: 332
Prompt: 372, July Bingo, loss of shelter
Author's notes: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Each small storm that whipped up was a blessing and a curse.  Arthur was happy because it meant he could replenish his store of drinking water, which was always lower than he wanted, even with the filtration kit that he’d found.  But it meant the waves buffeted his makeshift raft and made him worry that it might capsize, sinking it.

He laid himself as flat as he could, holding tightly to the rope he’d used to secure the things he’d salvaged from the wreck.  He’d been extremely lucky. What he thought had been a first aid kit was actually a survival kit with more things than he would have assumed the drunken captain would have been smart enough to pack.  Multiple lengths of paracord had come in handy when it came time to deciding what could be left to float in the water so as not to add weight to his raft.

Another wave crashed over him and he sputtered and coughed.  Arthur had never been one for prayers, but this was starting to make him wonder if he should start attending services when he got home.  If he got home.

“No time to think like that, idiot.  Father will have the entire United States Navy out looking for you, even if he has to have the prime minister call that moron of a president the Americans are stuck with.”

He clutched the edges of the hull and watched in horror as another wave formed, this one almost under him.  It lifted his raft up and up. “Oh, God.”

Arthur scrabbled in his pocket for the folding knife he’d found in the survival kit.  His raft turned over and was pushed down by the waves. He tried not to panic as he slashed the rope holding the survival kit to the hook that had been on this part of the hull, then watched the thing that had kept him alive for the last three weeks float down into the depths.

Now what?

Tags: *c:shadowspun, c:arthur, pt 372:bingo-round 1, rating:g, type:drabble

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