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Shades of Camelot Part 6

Author: sidhe_faerie
Title: Shades of Camelot Part 6
Rating: PG
Pairing/s: Arthur/Gwen, Merlin/Morgana
Character/s: Mordred
Summary: Merlin and Morgana solve a problem. Merlin makes a promise.
Warnings: kidnapping
Word Count: 842
Prompt: 385 Scream
Author's Notes:

Part 6
Two nights had passed since Merlin and Morgana had their talk. Everyone was in their beds when an ear splitting scream came from Morgana's room.

Merlin was the first through the door. He cupped Morgana's face in his hands. "Tell me what you saw, Morgana. Tell me why you are so frightened."

Morgana grabbed Merlin's wrists and pulled his hands away. Her eyes were wild as she looked at him. "Mordred is coming. He will kill Arthur again. Merlin, we must stop him."

Arthur and Gwen stood in the doorway. They looked at each other and frowned.

"All this 'King Arthur' stuff has to stop." Arthur took a step into the room. "It's nothing but a fantasy."

"Arthur, I assure you it's very real." Merlin sat on the bed beside Morgana. "Leave us. Morgana and I need to talk."

Gwen pulled Arthur out of Morgana's room by the arm. "Come on Arthur. Let's go back to bed."

Arthur let Gwen pull him away but as he left he looked back at Merlin and Morgana holding hands.

When they got back to their room, Gwen shut the door. "Arthur what if this 'King Arthur' stuff isn't a fantasy? What if it's real?"

"It couldn't be, could it?" Arthur sat on the bed. "If Morgana saw Mordred and Mordred is who killed King Arthur, then that means he's here to kill me again. I can't wrap my head around that."

"You had better." Gwen sat down beside him. "I'm scared."

Arthur wrapped his arms around Gwen. "I know. So am I."

Merlin was dressed and ready by the time Morgana met him by the front door.

"Are you sure we should do this, Merlin?" Morgana asked as she picked up her keys.

"We don't have a choice. We have to protect Arthur." Merlin opened the door. "You can stay in the car if you want. I'll do it on my own."

"No. You'll need my magick to combine with yours." Morgana went through the door. "Let's hurry."

It took Merlin and Morgana an hour to find Mordred. He was hanging out on a street corner with a group of teenage boys. He was the youngest of the group. Morgana pulled to the curb and they both got out.

Merlin looked around and spotted a surveillance camera. He held out his hand and it went dark, then he whispered a spell that knocked all of the boys out.

Morgana opened the boot of the car. "How long until he wakes?"

"Until I wake him. All I have to do is release the spell." Merlin picked up Mordred in a fireman's lift and dumped him into the boot of the car. "Let's hurry. We need to be out of the city to do what we need to do."

Morgana got behind the wheel as Merlin closed the boot. She looked over at Merlin as he got in. "Where to?"

"Go south." Merlin told her. "There is a forest about 60 kilometers from here. We can do it there."

"Are you sure you remember the spell?" Morgana asked.

"Yes." Merlin took her hand. "No one will ever know what we are about to do."

"Who would believe us if we told them?" Morgana pulled away from the curb.

Early the next morning, Arthur went to check on Morgana. He looked in Merlin's room. He rushed to the kitchen after finding their rooms empty.

"Gwen, they're both gone." Arthur looked at the table by the door. "Morgana's keys are gone."

Gwen frowned. "I have a bad feeling about this."

"So do I." Arthur frowned.

Merlin took Mordred out of the boot of the car and started carrying him down a well hidden path. Morgana trailed after him.

Merlin stopped at a clearing and put Mordred on the ground. He reached out for Morgana's hand.

Morgana grabbed Merlin's hand and held it tight as Merlin spoke words she didn't understand.

Mordred sat up and looked around. "Where am I? Who are you people?"

Those were the last words he spoke as he started to fade into nothing. As he disappeared, he screamed. It hung in the air for a moment then everything went silent.

"Is he dead?" Morgana asked.

"No. He has been wiped from existence. It's not the same as death." Merlin sighed. "Morgana… I have to go."

"No! You are not going to leave me now." Morgana flung her arms around him. "You can't."

"I don't want to but this body is old and its weak." Merlin kissed her cheek. "Morgana, I will be reborn."

"Where? How?" Morgana looked into his eyes. "How will I know it's you?"

Merlin pulled away and put his hand on Morgana's stomach and smiled. "I'm there already. I will see you soon."

Morgan looked down at his hand and realized what he was telling her.

"I love you." Merlin took a few more steps away from her and turned to dust before her eyes.

Morgana wiped her tears. "I love you too." She looked down at her stomach. "See you soon."

Tags: *c:sidhe_faerie, p:arthur/gwen, p:merlin/morgana, pt 385:scream, rating:pg, type:drabble

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