Shadowspun (shadowspun) wrote in camelot_drabble,

Frosty Morning

Author: shadowspun
Title: Frosty Morning
Rating: G
Characters: Merlin, Gaius
Summary: It's the first frosty morning of the season.
Warnings: none
Words: 156
Prompt: 386, comfort
Author's Notes: None

Merlin pulled his blanket closer.  The tip of his nose was cold where it poked out of the tiny hole he’d allowed himself to breathe.  He shivered at the thought of getting out of bed. Sighing, he pushed the blanket off his head and sat up.  He could see the delicate tendrils of frost on the window lit up by the faint light of dawn. Putting his stockinged feet on the cold floor was not something he was looking forward to, but he did it anyway, getting dressed as quickly as possible before leaving his room.

“Ah, there you are.  I think you have time this morning for some porridge.”  Gaius wore his warmest robes as he stirred the pot he must have placed on the fire last night.  Merlin grinned in anticipation. The comfort of a warm, full belly would get him through the day and Arthur’s grumpiness about the first cold day of autumn.

Tags: *c:shadowspun, c:gaius, c:merlin, pt 386:comfort, rating:g, type:drabble

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