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Recommendations for October

Do you remember reading a story that you just loved and wanted to share with anybody who would listen to you? Or maybe you watched a video or saw artwork (icon, banner, or graphic) that made you squee and say, “Damn, that’s good.” Yes? Great! Because now is your chance to share your favorites with your fellow Merlin peeps by recommending what you’ve read or seen in our creative fandom, whether it’s here on LJ, AO3, or anyplace else online.

We thought it would be fun to have a monthly recommendations post! The Merlin fandom has so many fantastic stories, art, videos, and graphics that not everyone has seen. This is your opportunity to share what you’ve enjoyed in the past month so others can enjoy them, too.

Make your recs in the comments on this post using the template below. A masterlist will be compiled for people to peruse at their leisure. There is no limitation on what you can recommend. It can be an update to your favorite WIP, a drabble you read here in the community, or a completed piece of work you found someplace else.

Recommendation template:
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