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Banner by schweet_heart, Art by Whimsycatcher

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Camelot” err wait a minute, that is not how the song goes, then again, this is camelot_drabble 9th annual Holiday Gift Exchange!
So Drabblers, Drawblers, Stalkers, Skulkers, and Members! let’s all make sure Grandma remembers her medication and stays away from the Eggnog, so she doesn’t get run over by that reindeer. Let’s Deck The Halls with Silver and Gold and strung up the lights around the tree, because These Are A Few Of Mine and yours Favorite Things.

In honor of this festive season everyone in Camelot will be having “The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year”So lovelies take some time out from Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree and get your thinking (Santa) caps on! Because, we know that there's that one fic you’ve always wanted written, or that one image you’ve always wanted to see materialize. Now is your chance to get it! You’ll leave your prompt, and come Christmas some lovely fellow drabbler, or drawbler will create it for you! It’s all anon until your gift is posted.

You’ll get a gift and you’ll give one in return!

Sound good? We think so – and we’re very excited!

Sign-Up’s, rules, and schedule will be posted on November 20th.

Help us pimp this Fest! Grab a Banner and spread the word!

♥ Cd_Mods.
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