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You’re My Superman

Author: hogwartsvixxxen
Title: You’re My Superman
Summary: Merlin tries to change Arthur’s mind about men’s underwear
Warnings: Explicit Oral Sex, Frotthing Un-beta’d
Word Count: 550
Prompt:#2 Superboy Pic
Author's Notes:I’ve had a busy weekend so I wrote this quickly I hope yall likes

Merlin and Arthur were making the best of a worse as it could get situation. For over a year now they were trapped in the future, the 21 century to be exact with no hope of returning to their beloved Camelot.

Morgana and Morgause had come to the castle armed with a time travel spell to use on the King of Camelot. Now hundreds of years in the future Merlin and Arthur are surviving computers, iphones and blue ray but the one thing Arthur couldn’t survive or comprehend was the style of men’s underwear, That was until a silver disk thingy and a tiny thin piece of blue material changed his mind.


If Arthur could have spoken he would have asked his husband, “What in the name of Camelot was he wearing?” But Arthur’s mouth had suddenly gone dry and he began to feel light headed as his blood rushed south.

Merlin was reclining in the middle of their bed wearing nothing but a pair of blue bikini briefs with a big red S in the middle, bulging out and a smile. Seeing his king’s expression Merlin spoke. “Since you liked them so much when we watched the movie on that silver disk thingy I thought I’d go and buy a pair.”

“B-Buy a pair.’ Arthur said, as he swallowed hard with his eyes still glued on the big red S as if it were hypnotizing him.

“Do you like them,” Merlin asked as his hand traveled down his body coming to rest on the big red S. Arthur’s answer came in the form of him pouncing on the bed and pushing Merlin’s hand out of the way and replacing it with his mouth.

Merlin moaned as Arthur licked, sucked and nibbled his cock through it’s silk prison. Arthur cupped and fondled Merlin’s balls, as his own cock strained to be free. Arthur kept up his sweet assault, soaking the silk with his mouth and Merlin’s pre-cum.

“N-Not much longer. NRUGH! A-Arthur I’m…”
Arthur stopped just long enough to encourage his husband to come. “Come for me. I want to taste you through the silk.” That was all the encouragement Merlin needed as the silk became flavored with Merlin’s release. Arthur sucked greedily on the silk as if he were a man dying of thirst and this piece of material held life saving water.

Merlin body continued with aftershocks as Arthur sucked and swallowed while gently squeezing his husband’s balls.
After Merlin’s body had settled , Arthur freed his cock and laying on top of Merlin clothed, rubbed his cock on the soaked silk. It didn’t take Arthur long before his release joined his husbands. Arthur kissed his husband. “You look better than Christopher Reeves any day. You’re my Superman.”

Merlin cupped his husband’s face. “I also bought a Batman pair for me and a pair of Ironman for you. So what do you think of men’s underwear now?” Merlin asked.

“I think I might need to see Batman on you before I make my final decision.”
Tags: *c:hogwartsvixxxen, p:arthur/merlin, pt 002:picture prompt (superboy), rating:nc-17, type:drabble

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