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Holiday Exchange Fest- Reminder!

Hello everyone!

Just a reminder that posting for this year Holiday Exchange Fest will start on Tuesday, December 24th and your story must be emailed to the mods prior to the posting date so that you could receive your recipient’s name. Email: When submitting your gift, please write your LJ user name in the subject line. We will then check your gift and reply back with your recipient's name and your posting date.

To everyone that’s already submitted their story, You rock!

When posting use THIS FORMAT.

Because we all know how the holidays can be, below you will find how to schedule your entry ahead of time. However, it can only be schedule on your posting date.

1. Go to Post to community

2.On the Update Journal page, click "change" in the "Date" field.

3.Click the calendar icon.

4.Select the date/time you are scheduled to post on. You have to enter the time manually (military time)

5. Once you put in your story and tags, click the "Post to camelot_drabble" button at the bottom.

All your scheduled entries can be seen and edited. You can reach this page by going to the "Journal" menu and selecting "Scheduled Entries" in the site's main menu.

You need to have posting access to the community in order to schedule entries.

Also, because of the Holiday Exchange Fest, there will be no prompt this week.

Happy creating!
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