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Stop And Smell the Roses

Author: theyellow_daisy
Title: Stop and Smell the Roses
Rating: G
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Summary: Merlin offers some advice
Prompt: #23 Red
A/N: I am not an artist. Please forgive me. I liked the prompt a lot and didn't want to sit out another week. I'm sorry proper artists of Merlin fandom. I do hope you enjoy the drabble though. Let me know what you think. Most importantly, HAPPY READING <3

When Merlin pushes open the door of Arthur's chambers, he's surprised to find the king not only awake, but looking very busy as well.

"You're…you're awake already?" Merlin says, stumbling over his words

Arthur's eyes flick upwards from the paper he had been reading to look at Merlin, before looking downwards again back to his work.

"Yes Merlin. Unlike you, some of us have very busy days, and actually have things to do."

Merlin's brow furrowed at Arthur's remark.  Although Merlin knew Arthur had a lot on his mind lately, he wasn't usually quite as short with him in the morning.  Still, he looked down at the tray he held in his hands, currently holding the king's breakfast, and for a quick second, questioned whether he should offer Arthur the food or if he should eat it himself.  Having a busy day wasn't a good excuse for being, well…Arthur.

"Okay, since you're already awake, would you like some breakfast?"

Arthur sighed, and ran his hands through his hair. The tension in the room had increased, and Merlin wondered if he should have even bothered Arthur this morning. It might have saved him from getting extra chores added to his already long list.  Arthur gestured to the spread of papers and books on the large table in front of him before continuing.

"Do you not see that I'm busy right now? Does it look like I have time to eat? Fine. Fine, bring me my breakfast." Arthur finally conceded

Merlin hurried forward to slide the tray of food onto Arthur's table. Arthur had turned back to look at his papers, and was too busy to notice the smile that Merlin was offering him.  The room was silent as Arthur read, and Merlin waited…and waited…and waited for any response from the blond.

"Can I help you with something else Merlin?" Arthur asked, finally looking upward

"I think you need to relax. You've been so busy lately; I think it would do you some good. You know, stop and smell the roses."

"What?" Arthur asked

"Stop and smell the roses Arthur. It means you need to relax."

Arthur threw his papers down on the table, and shooed Merlin out of the room.

"Thank you Merlin for that wise advice. Now please leave me alone."

With a simple nod of his head, Merlin turned to leave the room. He wasn't bothered by what Arthur had told him, and in fact, if he tried a little harder tomorrow, maybe the king would eventually take his advice.


When Merlin entered Arthur's chambers the next morning, he was greeted with the same sight that he had been the day before. The only thing that was different, was that Arthur looked more stressed then he had before. Merlin slid the breakfast tray onto the table, and waited for Arthur to acknowledge him. When he did, it wasn't the breakfast or even himself that caught the king's attention.

"What's that?"

"A rose." Merlin replied with a smile

"Why?" Arthur asked, still very confused

"I told you yesterday to stop and smell the roses. I simply thought it might do you some good Arthur."

This time, Arthur didn't just shoo Merlin away, he snorted as well.

"Where did you get such a thing Merlin?"

"The rose gardens just outside the castle. You should visit sometime, you might like it; and, you might even relax too.  Enjoy your breakfast sire."

When Arthur was finally alone in his chambers again, he had to sit back in his chair and laugh. Merlin knew nothing about the things he did, and the fact that he was trying to offer him advice, was truly laughable.

Although, later that afternoon when Arthur found himself seated on a blanket in a quiet corner of the rose gardens he had forgotten existed, he had to admit that it did feel good to close his eyes and think of things other then his royal duties. Things certainly not involving his manservant, and how annoyed he was, that Merlin had been right after all. 

The Camelot rose gardens:

Tags: *c:theyellow_daisy, c:arthur, c:merlin, p:arthur/merlin, pt 023:red, rating:g, type:drabble, type:drawble

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